An Introduction.

While Teri is super busy finishing up a great feature for you that will be posted here on Wednesday, I thought I would lend a hand and write a few posts while she continues being the busy little worker bee.

But first, let me take a moment and introduce myself to you.

My name is Cindi, and around here I am the "assistant". 

I am a maniac makeup addict. I get so excited about makeup it is scary. When I attended my first CEW Beauty Awards Demonstration a few years ago, I went back to my hotel room and cried. I had two tote bags full of makeup, skin care, and fragrance products that I needed to try and vote on. And I am proud to say that I did try each and every single product I received. And I found something to love about everything I tried.

For the fun facts. I am 30 years old, married, with one little girl. I have very fair Irish skin with some freckles, medium golden blonde hair (more reddish gold than blonde), and green eyes. My facial skin is usually on the normal side, but I battle with a few dry spots in the winter. The rest of my body tends to be very dry, especially my legs. I am on a never-ending quest to find a body cream that keeps my legs soft and smooth with only one application in the day.

I absolutely adore mineral makeup. I use either Illuminare liquid foundation, Bare Escentuals, or Sheer Cover for my foundation every day.  I find that the minerals cover my redness and last all through the day. Ooooh - and I just got to try some newness from Jane Iredale, and I will be sure to report on that really soon. Beside that, I am game to just about anything.  I love trying new products and colors and am never afraid. I may cause a bit of rubber-necking from passers-by in the school line or at the grocery store. But hey, what can I say - I love to experiment with bold colors. And it is only makeup. I can wash it away at the end of the day and start with a fresh new canvas tomorrow.

I look forward to your comments, and hope to bring you a little insight into my passion for makeup and everything beautiful!


NEW Catalog from Benefit.

bene_catalog.jpgSo what does appear in my mail today? The latest Benefit catalog, that's what!

In the back of the cute catalog, there is this special little holiday section gleaming with pictures of their 6 holiday sets.

Here is a quick rundown.

Valley of the Stars. $28
A mini iridescence kit containing High Beam, Moon Beam, Her Glossiness and 2 eye shadows.

Benetint $28 & Pocket Pal $18.
The perfect little stocking stuffers to help bring our one's natural beauty.

Dallas Palette $28.
For the perfect Dallas look all in one, this palette features the following: 2 eye shadows, 2 lip creams, Dallas -the powder, and 3 brushes to put it all on.

V.I.P. Glosses $26.
3 double-ended high-shine lip glosses,making 6 shades. All packed together in a cute box.

Show Offs! $28.
A trio of Show Offs eye powder - shimmery fun, full of pigment. Sparkling in a gold box, great for giving.

Best of Benefit $42.
This is the perfect gift to give any Benefit lover, or to give a makeup lover that you need to introduce to the great line. This gift set includes: Benetint, Dandelion, and BADgal Lash.

Look for this and more from Benefit in our Holiday Gift Guide premiering November 23rd.


Back to MAC - Formal Black, that is.

I have been using a few of the new goodies from MAC's Holiday Collection.

mac_holiday_lips.jpgI am totally in love with the Fishnet Warm Lip Collection.

It features two pearly glosses - Peach Lame and By Moonlight - the type that look great over just about any lip color, and 4 lipsticks. The lipstick colors range from Fetish, a deep brown with a copper shimmer-like seen, to Expensivo, a very light pearly nude color - the perfect nude lip color, in my opinion. Mellowarm, a pure coral, and So Romantic, a medium silvery finished pink, round out the palette.



mac_holiday_eyes.jpgThe other palette that no one - do you hear me - no one should be without is the Velvet 6 Smoked Eyes palette.

Don't be frightened by the dark shades and high amount of sparkle that appears in the shades in person. I was sort of scared when I first saw them, but they go on like a dream. The shades, Malt, Vex, Club, Black Tied, Satin Taupe and Gentle Fume, are the perfect shades to create the ultimate, deep and dark, super hot, smoky eye. I am totally addicted to using Malt, Vex, and Satin Taupe with a touch of Club for a brown smoky look and using Malt, Black Tied and Gentle Fume for a rich black and gray smoky look. The variations are possibly endless. Get one before it sells out!


Once again, MAC did not dissapoint, and you really can't go wrong with any of the palettes they premiered. There is something for everyone based on coloring and favorites. These two just happen to be my faves!