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Could it be? A Safe Tanning Bed!

tf_tanning_bed_in_a_tube.jpgWell, there is... sort of! A safe tanning bed. In a tube. Introducing Too Faced's Tanning Bed in a Tube.

Tanning Bed in a Tube is an instant gel bronzer, with a gradual self-tanner built right in. Great idea!

While you could definitely use this all over your body, I choose to only use it on my face and neck. Hey, it is only a 6 oz. tube!

Too Faced's Tanning Bed in a Tube is $22.50 at Sephora. Be sure to check out a bunch of Too Faced's new releases while you are there. I have my eye on the Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder.


Market Research.

Did you ever wonder how market research is done? Most of them are done through focus groups, or polls.

If you would like to be a part of the focus group and take a quick survey though Question Market, you are invited to now. I just took the survey, and it was quick, easy, painless, and even fun.

Click Here to be a part of the market research now. 


It's Not So Bad Being Blue!

Blue Mascara was all the rage in the 80's. There were so many shades. Electric blue, teal blue, blue-black, glittery blue... I could go on and on. But it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I was re-introduced to a blue mascara. And in case you haven't heard yet, it is Bad Gal Blue from Benefit.

benefit_blue.jpg Bad Gal Blue is the same formula as the original Bad Gal Lash. The wand is large, takes a few tries to get used to it, but when you are watch out. Your lashes will be
super thick, long and lush. Bad Gal is one of my favorite mascaras.

The blue in Bad Gal Blue is subtle. The first time I used it I coasted my lashes with a light coat of the original Bad Gal in black, and then applied Bad Gal Blue on top. The result was beautiful, and my eye appeared wider and yes, even whiter.

Seeing that the effect was subtle, the next time I used Bad Gal Blue, I used it on it's own. The result was equally as beautiful over my naturally dark lashes.

If you are looking to add a little color to your lashes, while still having thick, full of life, fluttery eyelashes, then you really should give Bad Gal Blue a try.

Bad Gal Blue is $19.00 at Benefit Cosmetics.