Many say that the eyes are the window to your soul. And your eyebrows are their perfect frame.

As I am trying to perfect my frame, I am first growing in my eyebrows. And I. Hate. It. 

You see, in a few weeks I have an appointment with one of the eyebrow queens. And I was told that I should not wax, pluck, tweeze - do anything to them until the appointment. I hate the straggly hairs. They are growing every which way - ugh! I am filling them in as much as I can with eyebrow pencil, but they are a mess.

I wondered if there were any way possible to get them to grow in faster, so they look at least a little more uniform. In doing my research, I found a product called appropriately enough, Eye Grow Brows! from Ramy Beauty Therapy. Packed into a mascara like tube is a clear gel enriched with Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein, and Yeast Extract.

Hmmm. I have been applying it nightly before bed, and my eyebrows are really beginning to fill in. I honestly do not know if it is the formula working it's magic or not , as I have not grown in my eyebrows like for in years. But if it is making me think that they are growing in faster, then that is good enough for me.

Eye Grow Brows! is $25. Ramy has some other innovative products on his website as well, so be sure to check it out.


Officially Fall.

Well, my friends - Fall has officially arrived. And it seems that I am in the minority because I hate the fall. I hate the cooler temperatures, the days getting shorter, all the leaves and acorns - just about everything about it. The only bright spot in the shorter, darker days is that I am able to start wearing new Fall makeup. And new Fall makeup means darker shades, browns, and berry's.  I turned over a new leaf this week and started with the Fall multiple seasonings of color.

On my eyes, I have been loving all the three brown shades in Benefit's Weather Girl Palette.  They are a bit frosty, but just perfect for my hazel colored eyes.  And topping that is Bourjois Metallic Eyeliner Pencil in a beautiful copper called Feuille De Cuivre. I use the eyeliner, which is just so easy to smooth on, over the shadow and it highlights the  frostiness in the shadows with the metallics in the eyeliner.  Stunning.

On my cheeks I have been loving Tarte's Mineral Powder Bronzer in Hotel Heiress. It is not too bronzy, just a bit of bronze with a hint of a ruddy pink it in. It does not look that way at all in the compact, but that is what it does to my cheeks - and it is just perfect. If I am looking for more color, I have just discovered MAX Factors Satin Blush in Peach Spice. If NARS Orgasm Blush is a tad too light for you, try this shade. It is just a tone deeper, and perfect for even my now pale complexion.

Okay - the lips. I swear I have been trying a new color everyday. A few of my favorites so far are DuWops Anti-Venom Satin Lipstick in Bamboo, a sheer wash of berry; MAC's newest Viva Glam VI, a plum with a pearl finish; Bobbi Brown's Lip Shimmer in Candlelight, the perfect gold to simply wear along or over one of Fall's berry lip shades; Clinique's Full Potential Lips (their lip plumping lipgloss entry) in Blackberry Bloom, a sheer yet rich berry shade; and Benefit's Color Plump in Hey Sailor, a glazed berry with their Big Magic 2 Lip Gloss over it.

That is all I have gotten to so far this Fall. What are some of your new Fall favorites?


Have I Told You Lately?

Have I told you lately...

That this is the ultimate cleanser - and it is my favorite, ever?
That Beautifull Makeup Search is now part of the super-coolest network and how proud I am about it?
How I love lipgloss so much that I started an entire blog about it?
That Benefit Cosmetics rocks so much that they sponsored the best giveaway ever for us?
How I could have lived so long without this?
That I am totally addicted to Stylehive?
How I am just so totally tired early on a Sunday morning to think about anything to write?

Make it a beautiful day!