Eye Makeup Mistakes.


Oh yes, we make them. And makeup mistakes. We make them too. Not the ones where we can simply wipe the mistake away. I am talking overall makeup mistakes.

bb.jpgBobbi Brown has drilled down the most 6 common eye makeup mistakes. for us, so hopefully, we won't keep making them over and over again.

Kaleidoscope eyes: Bright, shocking mismatched colors don't belong on the eyelid -- unless you're dressing as a clown for Halloween! Choose muted colors in the same family and blend them well.

Blush as shadow: Sweeping your blush color across your lids sounds like a useful time-saver (lots of makeup artists make this suggestion). I find that the rosy coloration of most blushes is wrong for the eye area and can cause eyes to appear red or pink. Instead, do the same one-color technique with shadow shades like toast or pale pink.

Unfinished liner: Lining only the outside half of the eye has a minimizing effect. You can choose to do only the top lid, but be sure to apply color all the way from the inside corner of the eye, continuing along the entire lash line to the outermost corner.

Shadow matching: It's almost never a good idea to match your eye shadow color to your eye color -- especially if you have blue or green eyes. Blue eyes look amazing with navy liner but disappear with blue shadow. In general, neutral colors that contrast with eye color work better.

Mascara clumps: It was the look in the 1960s, but it doesn't work today. The best way to achieve thick lashes is to do several thin coats of mascara. If you experience clumping, wipe the excess mascara from your brush with a tissue.

Also, be sure to check out Bobbi's newest eye makeup products, including that beautiful Surf & Sand Eye Palette, pictured above. 



Shimmering Tones.

clinique_bronzer.jpgThat sounds nice doesn't it? Shimmering tones, as in a bronzer for your face.

Clinique has the prettiest palette of bronzers just on the shelves for fresh summer picking! These checkered palettes of illumiating powders come in an array of rdiant bronzed tones, which give skin the prettiest, radiant and sheer sheen.

Shimmering Tones Powder ($28.50) is available in Golden Bronze, Blushig Bronze, Peach Bronze, and Bare Bronze.

Check out these beautiful bronzers and the rest of their Summer Highlights Colour Collection at your favorite Clinique counter now. It is a limited edition! 


Cle de Peau Beaute - Spring & Summer 2007 Color Collection.

I love makeup. I love luxurious makeup. Who doesn't?

One of the most luxurious makeup lines is that of Cle de Peau Beaute. All of the Cle de Peau products that I have seen or used, are downright amazing. And the new Spring 7 Summer Color Collection lives up to this, in it's entirety.

cdp.jpgOmbre Couleur Quadri / Eye Color Quads ($70)
The entire shadow collection captures the essence of light. When applied, the look is silky and flawless. All of the Eye Color Quad shadows are formulated with Argan Tree Oil, which aids in easy application while keeping the texture light and making it incredibly long lasting. The quads each have a shadow to be used for a liner, contour, accent color, and high lighter. The range of colors allow for layers with ease, and range from subtle to intense. The Eye Color Quads are available in #10 - Mystic Beam, #11 - Flower Garden and #12 - Nordic Sea.

Rouge a Levres / Lipstick ($55)
There are 5 new shades available, each  that will "kiss" the lips with rich, long-lasting, lustrous color. The collection is an entire range of pinks, from light and fresh to full of pink color. All of the lipsticks have a Hydro-Wrap Complex, which keeps lips incredible smooth and full with moisture. The shades available are #18 - a vivid fuchsia, #19 - a light rose kissed with light, #20 - a  strawberry pink, #21 - a  flower red with undertones of pink, and #22 - a seashell like peachy pink. I have been wearing #22 and have never received so many compliments about this beautiful shade.

Brilliant a Levres / Lip Gloss ($47)
In 3 new shades, all of the lip glosses in the collection offer a true gloss shine with the staying power of a lipstick. The end result is a non-sticky, yet very long-lasting sheen. The shades include #10 - a desert rose, #11, a crystal pink, and #12, a shiny silver pearl.

Touche Sublime / Brilliant Enhancer ($60)
This is a brand new product, which is an almost magical, liquid high lighter. This enhancer helps to perfect the complexion giving skin a soft, highlighted translucency. It is so light and airy, like something I have never used before. It is truly silky and delicate, and makes make skin look luminous. Like lit from within.

cdp_a.jpgStylo Sourcils / Eyebrow Pencil ($25 for cartridge, $30 for holder)
Available in 3 easy to match shades, there is one perfect for every skin tone. They are easy to apply and smudge resistant.

Stylo Eye Liner / Eye Liner Pencil ($25 for cartridge, $30 for holder)
The catridge filled eye liner pencil makes it easy to precisely apply it with a smooth, soft touch. Available in 3 long lasting shades.

Stylo Levres / Lip Liner Pencil ($25 for cartridge, $30 for holder)
These come in 3 new shades to compliment the new pink lipstick collection. These lip liners are easy to use by clearly defining the lip contour with a smooth hand.

Mascara Volume / Volume Mascara ($45)
An exquisite mascara that gives lashes very full lashes while holding a curl. The formula is very advanced to provide lashes rich conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This mascara is available in 3 shades.

Mascara Longueur Ideale / Lengthening Mascara ($45)
For the ultimate long lasehs, this mascara not only lengthens, but thickens as it helps to keep the curl. The clump - free formula glides on with just a single swipe of the brush. Also available in 3 shades.

This Cle de Peau Beaute Color Collection for Spring and Summer is now available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Barney's, Neiman Marcus and Saks.