Baby it's Cold Outside!

beauty_blogging_friends.jpgBaby it's cold outside, so why don't you stay in and catch up on some blog reading. Here are my favorite posts of the week.

  • Ellen over at Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint had a week of top fives where she lists her top five favorites in categories such as Lip Glosses and Mascaras.
  • Carla from Product Girl is off on a trip - see what beauty items she took that were flight approved.
  • Shannon from Makeup Minute needs you help in choosing a Lip Plumper.
  • Blogdorf Goodman tells us about Liz Earle and her SuperBalm. I just got one and cannot wait to try this concentrated moisturizer.

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This Year - Dump Cupid!

You have just got to check out this cool new website from Herbal Essences called DumpCupid. The videos are down right hiliarious. I have posted one below.

And really, who needs Cupid when you have fabulous hair courtesy of Herbal Essences, anyway?


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Anastasia Does it Again!

Anastasia Soare has done it again. She has created two new products, and they are both beauty blog-worthy.

nu-brow.jpgThe first is called Nu-Brow. And guess what it does? It conditions your brows and helps get them growing faster. I know, we have all over-plucked or waxed off a little too much every now and then, now haven't we? And, just because we may have become masters at filling in the sparse spaces doesn't mean we have to stop there. Nu-Brow will help get them growing back to a beautifully arched brow in no time.

Nu Brow is a clear gel made up of a blend of top proteins and vitamins to help condition, and stimulate hair growth to the eyebrow area.

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