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In case you missed it, Benefit Cosmetics has offered to give "10" of my lucky readers one of their great Color Plump Lip Plumping Pencils.


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Thanks Benefit!


Pure Bliss & A Free Hand Cream.

One of my favorite lines I discovered this year is Bliss Labs. I am constantly browsing for great sets that I will sure to be stocking up on to give as presents this holiday season.

While doing so, I came across a great offer from

With any purchase at, you will receive a FREE Bliss Labs High Intensity Hand Cream. I can't think of anything better than a freebie! And a great one at that.

High Intensity Hand Cream is one of my staples in the winter. I have a tube in my handbag, and another in my night stand (with about 15 others that I alternate with at night). You need a bit more than the "pea sized amount" that they suggest you use in the directions. I squeeze out a dollop about the size of a quarter, and that is all I need for my hands and wrists. The cream is more on the thick side, but not greasy whatsoever. And it sinks into my skin almost immediately. The fact that there is no scent in it is a big plus for me too, as I do need to apply it 3 - 4 times a day in the drier months. 

Bottom line, if you need anything beauty related, order now and get your  fabulous freebie - and I bet you'll have this hand cream as one of your staples too. 


Just too Skinny!

This may not be too related to beauty, other than the fact that whom I am about to speak about is seen in various Revlon Ads. I need to say a few things about the beautiful Kate Bosworth.

Kate is absolutely stunning. Her face and makeup are almost always flawless. But I am worried. She is just too skinny these days, and I think she needs some help.

The picture on the left, from Getty Images,  is from Fashion Week. So it is current.

But there are some in this weeks People magazine, that I am hoping are photoshop-ed in some way. She is scary skinny in those.

I hate to see beauty taken to the extreme.

When is skinny just too skinny?