The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event.

NM_beauty.jpgAs if any of us beauty product addicts need another reason to drop $85 on great beauty loot, Neiman Marcus entices us with their great Beauty Event tote bag full of awesome samples.

So, what do you get? An exclusive Pink NM tote filled with:
Fresh Lychee Sugar Lotion, 60 ml
Kiehl's Since 1851 Doublesided Packet: Packet includes Crème de Corps Lotion and Crème de Corps Body Wash. Each packet, 5 ml
Lancôme Extreme Mascara
Natura Bissé Glyco Peel, 6 ml
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Parfum,1.48 ml
Neiman Marcus Verbena Soap
Valentino Rock 'N Rose Eau de Parfum, 2 ml

The promotion has begun online and runs through March 11th (or until supplies run out), but it is not available in store until March 1st, where it also goes until the 11th.

Get yours now! 


Not Just Your Simple Bar of Soap.

pangea.jpgWith all of the liquid soaps, gels, foams, and washes, I sometimes forget how much I love a simple bar of soap. I have been using a few wonderful soap bars - but they are not simple in the least. I am speaking of Pangea Organics Bar Soaps.

Each of Pangea Organic bars of soap is cold processed by hand, and custom blended with some of the best ingredients there are. And the cold process means that the benefits of such wonderful ingredients are not wasted by being boiled off.



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Fun and Full of Life!

I love the way these ladies looked at the Oscars last night. They looked so young, fun, and full of life. Kudos for bringing some fun to such a normally stuffy affair!

Cameron Diaz looked like a breath of fresh air. Okay, I didn't like her attire that much, but her hair, makeup, and attitude were definitely a winner.

Queen Latifah never looked so stunning - while not being uptight. I love the lighter hair on her, and she is absolutely glowing. Her makeup was one of my favorites of the night.


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