Real Help or Hype?

Another product from Fusion Beauty - this one is Lift Fusion. Is this one all about the hype - or does it really help soften wrinkles similar to Botox?

lift_fusion.jpgWell, it wasn't in store at Sephora when I was there last week. Seems I will be making another trip soon - sans makeup to try this baby out!

Have I considered Botox? Yes - I have. If for anything, just as an experiment. I have very few wrinkles - mostly from squinting and laughing. I guess these are the more "natural" wrinkles at this point in my life. But I would like to see if just a bit will soften them. So then, if I really need it in the future for deeper wrinkles, I will know whether it is worth it for me.  

But first, I will give this a try- anything to avoid an injection - and if this works as the studies say it does - the high price of Botox injections.

Here is the description, straight from Sephora:

Fusion Beauty has pushed the envelope in creating the first Topical-Injectable(tm) alternative to doctor-administered antiwrinkle injections. Both a powerful wrinkle-relaxant and a collagen-booster in one safe needle-free formula. LiftFusion(tm) Micro-Injected MTox(tm) Transdermal Facelift delivers instant, visibly transformational results comparable to popular, physician administered injectables - without the discomfort, side effects, and unnatural loss of facial expressiveness associated with many syringe-administered antiwrinkle products.

What it is formulated to do:
Utilizing the most sophisticated delivery system on the market today, this advanced MTox(tm) technology, (a patented blend of naturally derived compounds that absorb into the skin and visibly relax fine lines, creases, and wrinkles) helps reduce existing wrinkles AND boost collagen to promote skin's natural defenses against new ones; effective right away (within 10 minutes), but completely reversible in 24 hours.

Clinical Testing/Results:
In a clinical study comparing LiftFusion's(tm) topical formula to the top-rated physician administered injectable, results showed 9 out of 10 users preferred LiftFusion(tm) for immediate and cumulative antiwrinkle effects. Test results confirmed, only LiftFusion(tm) delivered a significant visual reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

As my last post on Beauty Fusion's GlowFusion provided a many variety of comments, I am hoping this will do the same. 


The Ultimate in Luxury!

Synonymous with skin care miracles and ultimate luxury, the legendary Crème de la Mer has inspired a devoted following. And BCA Month has inspired them to create a special pink box.

bca_lamer.jpgIf you don't know too much about Crème de la Mer, it is a very "special" creation from NASA scientist Dr. Max Huber. It is coined the "Miracle Broth"  and has a devoted cult-like following. The price? 1 oz. $110 (not available in BCA packaging), 2 oz. $195, or the ultimate in luxury 16.5 oz. for $1200. 
A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a special batch made up just for moi. Now, this was when there was only Crème de la Mer, no other special treatment products that are currently in the line.  It was a small sample, but just enough for a few weeks to try it out.  I remember it being too rich for my entire face, but I really liked it around my eye area.

Being older (and much drier - skin wise) with a few lines around my eyes, I wonder how I would feel about it now. I must admit that I am intrigued by the eye balm, and may just have to see if there are samples available.

All in all, I think that if you were ever in the market for Crème de la Mer, now is the time to purchase where a bit of the money will do some good. La Mer will donate $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



A Racy Red Lip.

lipstick_red.jpgGlam has a wonderful little bit about perfecting the Red Lip.

And because I have the worst time finding the perfect Red lipstick, I was glad to have found a few of their suggestions. I tend to go toward a pink-red or red-berry, or even a brown-red. But I am looking for a true red that looks good on pale skin. You know, dramatic!

Let us know if you have a great red lipstick or lipgloss you swear by.