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Don't Blow!

When searching the internet for some makeup video, I found a (supposed) expert site where a (supposed)makeup artist is shown making up a model.

mup_brushes_a.jpgBefore each and every every step, the cute, extremely young looking artist says to make sure to blow on the brush after dipping it into blush, bronzer, powder, shadow, etc. HELLO - Where did you get your training? The school of how to spread germs - GROSS!

I am sorry, if I ever sat down to have my makeup done and the artist started blowing on her brushes, I would run the other way - and FAST!

If I have excess powder on a brush, I simply tap the brush over a tissue. And if I want to deposit more product down into the brush, (especially great for applying facial powder) I just take the brush, keep it vertical with the brush on the top end, and tap a few times. This will allow the powder to slip down deeper into the brush allowing for less waste and more coverage.

For goodness sake - DON"T BLOW ON YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! And be sure to wash them frequently.


Explore the Endless Possibilities...

Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow has teamed up with and Three Custom Color to create some beautiful Fall looks with a few new products they created exclusively for

Working with clients including Lindsey Lohan, Melania Trump, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Peet, Tina explains, “I wanted to do a toned-down, soft smoky look that would introduce color – instead of the black/grey smoky look we always see. I love the grey and blue, which are just so wearable. I have found that these colors compliment the broadest range of eye and skin colors… as always, fall fashion was a big inspiration. This year, I saw a lot of grey and grey-teal,”.

3c_kit.jpgThe collection includes the following products:

Three Custom Color Specialists Smokey Mountain Trio ($60) - This incomparable Wet/Dry formula for eyes is finely milled imparting a silky texture and a smooth, satinee finish. This versatile powder can be used as both a shadow and a liner ~ offering the best of both worlds. Includes: Cascade, Smokey, and Blue Spruce.
Three Custom Color Specialists Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry Glow ($19.50) - A silky smooth, highly pigmented long lasting crème blush which leaves skin with a youthful flushed radiance.
Three Custom Color Specialists Lip Gloss with sponge applicator in Pink Mist ($18.50) - This distinctive Lip Gloss formula is creamy and moisturizing imparting a high shine without a sticky feel. Each elegant vial is brimming with luscious color ~ sweep the angled wand across your lips and shine, shine, shine!
Three Custom Color Specialists Pencil Eye Liner in Smoke and Dark Navy ($14/each) - These pencils can be used to provide precise definition to your lash line. Also, try blending it down to create a sultry, smoky effect! The unique texture of these Eye Liners allows for smooth application, easy blending and long wear.

You can get this complete fall makeup wardrobe now exclusively at