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Pink Chocolates - Clinique's Holiday Colour Collection..

How 'bout a little pink chocolate to go with your hot toddie this holiday season? I am so excited to have tried this fabulous new collection from Clinique, that I just had to share it with you - way before the holidays!

The highlight of the collection just has to be the Pink Chocolate Color Surge Eyeshadow Quad ($25). This limited edition wardrobe of shadows take your sweetie pie eyes from day to evening in a cinch. The colors included are a pale pink, nude blush, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. And I have to say that these are the softest feeling shadows I have used in a long time.

I topped the shadow with their new Brush-on Cream Liner ($14.50) in Chocolate Lustre. This is a creamy gel liner, that almost dries instantly. With their eyeliner brush, application is simple - and it can be applied with the thin side and then blended out with the thicker side of the brush. You just have to be careful to blend it rather quickly, as like I said, it is quick-drying. And be sure you only use a teeny-tiny bit of the cream, as a bit goes so very far.

Onto the mascara - Chocolate Lustre is the name again, but this is their High Definition Lashes ($13.50). This mascara provides extreme length and definition with it's double-sided brush/comb applicator.

Shimmering Tones Powder ($28.50) in Pink Chocolate, is a checkered palette of illuminating powders in an array of pale and medium pink tones, mixed with chocolate tones. The look? Swept over the face leaves skin radiant and elegantly sheen.

Liner first. Quickliner for Lips ($13.50), a twist up creamy lip pencil, comes in two new shades in this collection - Beige Plum and Pink Truffle.

Long Last Lipstick ($14.00). Clinique's all-time best selling lipstick - it won't feather, stain, or dry out, has added a few new shades for the Pink Chocolate collection. The shades: Pink Chocolate, Sunlit Copper, Sugared Maple, Violet Berry, Beauty, and Night Flower.

My fave for the lips are Pink Truffle Quickliner to line, then Pink Chocolate or Violet Berry on top - depending on the look you want. Pink Chocolate is a beautiful pinky bronzed brown, while Violet Berry is a sheer berry - very pretty.

Look for The Clinique Pink Chocolates Holiday Colour Collection at the counter or online starting in November.

Not having used Clinique for a long while, I forgot just how great the products are and how much I really like them. It was the first makeup counter I visited with my Mom when I was a young teenager, by the way. For years, Clinique was all that I was "allowed" to use on my face. Glad to see that their best selling original 3 step system is still the core of their skin care product line. Look for my new review of that coming up soon!

As soon as I get my card reader working or break down and get a new one, I will definitely post you some pictures.


Faith. Hope. Courage.

I have just been introduced to the most wonderful line of bath, body, and home fragrances - umm. They smell so delightful! And they are from Sweet Grass Farm.

bca_sgf.jpgSweet Grass Farm has created one of their best selling products, fragrance sticks, in a special edition for BCA month. It is titled Faith Hope Courage, and the scent is Carnation & Pink Peppercorn. The decorative bottle that is included is even decorated with a pink ribbon to remind us.

Fragrance Sticks have been around for a while now, but I just tried them. They are simple to use. You fill the vase (or decorative bottle) with the fragrance oil, place the sticks inside the vase/bottle. Soon your room will be filled with the fragrance as the absorbent sticks carry the oils up and deliver the perfect amount of scent. And the best thing about them is that when the sticks seem dry, you simply turn them upside down to "refresh" them, and they will start working again. It is simple, and makes a pretty piece. And they are a great alternative to places where candles cannot be burned, such as a dorm room or workplace.

The fragrance stick set can be purchased from their website and retails for $29.95 which includes the bottle, 8 oz. of the fragrance oil, and the reeds. The site also lists retailers where their wonderful products can be purchased.


Innovation - Liquid Minerals.

Jane Iredale - the woman who basically founded mineral makeup has just gone a step further.  She has recently launched a line of all new amazing products. And the most innovative I think is that of her Liquid Minerals.

iredale.jpgWOW! This has to be the most unique makeup product I have ever seen.  While I have seen skin care products full of spheres, never a makeup product. I am so intrigued.

Here is what they say:
     "The beads or spheres visible in the airless pump are actually liposomes entrapping liposomes. This state-      of-the-art technology allows us to encapsulate large amounts of active ingredients, which are then time-      released on to the skin. This controlled and sustained release into the epidermis increases delivery by up to 40%."

Just take at look at her website where it shows the full range of shades  - all 18 of them. That is pure innovation in itself.

As soon as I can get my hands on this and give it a good try, I will post all about it.