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Hello Berry!

berry_lips.jpgI have started receiving info for the new fall makeup collections. The main thing I have noticed so far is that fall will be all about the BERRY lip.

I can't wait to try some of these gorgeous lip shades, and will tell you all about my favorites soon.

In the meantime, look through your makeup collection to see if you have any favorite BERRY lipcolors, and let us know what they are.



The Name Game.

Honestly - when I was about 15 years old, I wanted to be the person who named nail polish - really - it was my life goal. In study hall, I would blend colored pencils together to create my perfect shade and give it a name.

For the life of me, I can't remember any of the names, but I remember how great I felt that I had found my unique calling. My family used to joke about it.

Well, I suppose there are very creative (& lucky) people inside the beauty companies that do just this... for every shade of anything - blush, shadow, lipstick, etc.. I wonder what their job title is. I mean, who actually thought of naming Nars most famous blush Orgasm? How do you suppose they presented their case for the name at a meeting? And how about Chanel's ever popular Vamp? How many names are thought of before the official name is placed on the product?

Anyway, I just thought that I should let you CEO's know, I am available for the job - and I work cheap!


Hated It.

I really hate to bad mouth a product, but I have to let you know what a mess my face was after only changing one thing over the weekend.

You see, I was out of town, and the cleanser I brought with me spilled all out of the tube.Crying. On a small island, I had no other choice to go to the only store where they stocked only Olay beauty products. The only cleanser-type product were the Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths.

olay_facials.jpgBasically, the cloths look and feel like a baby wipe - wet.  And two cloths seem to come out at once - every time. So I took this as a cue to use two at a time. One for the inital wash, and the second to use for what was left behind - which was always mascara. After two cleansings with the cloths, most seemed to have come off.

Ok, they smelled sort of pretty, and without too much effort, they removed my makeup and traces of dirt from my face.  

The next morning, my face felt tight. More tight then even in the dead of winter. I thought it could be de-hyrated from traveling, so I tried to be careful to use extra moisturizer and drink extra water to re-hydrate my skin. To no avail, my face almost hurt by the end of the day.

I used the cloths again that night, and the next. By the third day, I was practically panicing, as my face felt like sandpaper, and I had a few small pimples forming on my forehead and chin. I have never had a problem with pimples or acne - and I cannot believe that these cloths alone could be doing this to me. I was so dry, and that is usually never a cause for a breakout. I thought it could be the water, but hey, I was not having the problem anywhere else - only on my face. And I have not tried anything else new.

I immediately stopped using the cloths, and used my shower gel to wash my face. I know the shower gel is too harsh for facial skin, but I had no choice.  In less than 12 hours, my face wasn't feeling as tight, and my red spots were going away.

I have never been so upset about a product before, and like I said, I hate to talk so negatively about something, but it is my experience, and it was just so bad, that it had to be shared.

I am looking into the ingredients, or the make up of the cloth itself as to what could be the culprit. I will let you know my results.