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A Perfect Surface.

I am always on the hunt for a great concealer. And a concealer that doesn't need a a touch-up throughout the day is difficult to find. While I have a few favorites that I use in the winter, I have been looking for something lighter, that can be touched up when needed during the hot summer months.

Voila - a new product from DuWop called Surface. Packaged in a lipstick tube, it reminded me of my very first concealer I used in high school. With all the new packaging on the market, DuWop hit it out of the ballpark with this ordinary packaging of an extraordinary product.

Surface is very smooth, and lightweight. It is the perfect texture to cover up under-eye circles and spots here and there. And for the portability I have been looking for, this is it.

When I apply it under my foundation, I simply swipe it on, and blend with my finger. But get how easy this is - when needing a later day touch-up, I just swipe it on, and leave it. No muss, no fuss. It is just so perfect where it is put.

Surface comes in 4 versatile, easy to match shades for $22.50. Look for DuWop's surface at


Looking Ahead to Spring.

So - just because I am just beginning to go through my fall makeup and figure out which shades work best for me, beauty trends for next Spring & Summer premiered at last weeks Fashion Week.

The Beauty Addict, who did a great job covering the shows, has proclaimed that "the lip is back".

I for one, can't wait!

I love pink lips, and I must say that I wear pink well. 

Unlike pushing it out late for Fall, I am sure I will start wearing my Spring makeup in February.


All That Glitters Doesn't Have to be Gold.

Gold. Glitter They seem to go one in the same. But all that glitters doesn't have to be gold. How about pretty silver?

Silver. Sexy. All That Glitters is a sexy, silver shimmer powder infused with a very sexy scent - and it comes right out of it's own brush. This makes it simple to sweep over shoulders and decollete - making every day - or night shimmer.

The scent. This sexy shimmer is scented with clover, apple blossom, and clementine - for an alluring, confident fragrance.

All That Glitters is also available in Sweet or Sassy. It retails for $9.99 at mass retailers and chain drugstores nationwide.