Bobbi Brown's Living Beauty.

I saw the famed and fabulous Bobbi Brown on the Today Show this morning. She was on to promote her new book, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty . She said she decided to write this book as she is about to be 50 herself, and wants to celebrate beauty with women of an older age.

Here are her top ten anti-aging tips from the book.

Renew skin with a retinoid cream.

Erase brown spots with laser resurfacing.

Layer skin-care formulas.

Use concealer to brighten and lighten the under-eye area.

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A One Night Stand?

This is the Too Faced One Night Stand Collection. Not that I am fond of the name One Night Stand, I am very fond of Too Faced's great pigmented products and like many of the new products in this new collection.

toofaced_new.jpg Immediately, I took notice of the Lash Gems. Not that I would wear them, but for a girl out for a long night on the town club hopping, these look too cool. They are said to be weightless pearls, but I am sure you must wait and be very patient as you apply them evenly. Has anyone ever tired these before?

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Oh... Make Me Over!


POP Beauty's Sara Strand has done it again! Just in time for your Spring wardrobe, is 3 drawers chock full of the latest and greatest in color. Sara calls this her Make-Me-Up Cabinet.

Look what is inside this great little cabinet:
1st drawer contains a bronzer and three blushes
2nd drawer contains one black eyeliner, one gold highlighter, and ten eye shadows
3rd drawer contains six lip gloss dews with the popular hint if POP Beauty color

All of this retails for just $38 at Sephora



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