Back to School Beauty - Markers for your Lips!

I am tired of school supply shopping. I never had to bring anything to school but a back pack, a few pencils, maybe a favorite pen, and a binder. My kids have lists 2 pages long - ugh.

As we strolled through Staples yesterday afternoon looking at the multiple sizes and types of magic markers there are - I wondered - what about a magic marker for your lips? Voila - there is one. I totally forgot about it - but I need to refresh my (and your) memory.

bj_lipstain.jpgBourjois Lip Stain Pen - the equivalent to a magic marker for the lips. Inside this nifty pen is a lipstain - that comes out through the felt-tip - just like a marker. Yes - I said - a magic marker. It is very cool.  All you simply need to do is glide the tip of it ever so gently over the lips. They immediately feel wet - water-like wet. And then almost instantly - they dry - with a beautiful flush of color.

The color really soaks into the lips, leaving a very matte finish. All you need to do is top it off with a bit of gloss, and you are good to go. And the stain - it stains. Really, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts- day and night. A tint was even seen after removing my makeup - but it was gone by morning - phew!

Currently, there are 4 pretty colors to pick from - and at just $15, a nice deal.

Now what will you think of when shopping for boring magic markers? (I'll be thinking about Sephora too!)


Back to School Beauty - Principessa Beauty Box

Inside every woman is a princess.  And for every Princess there is Principessa Beauty.

belleza_kit.gifI saw these adorable products a few weeks ago at Extracts NY and was instantly smitten. The lovely Trish, creator of Principessa Beauty, saw the love in my post, and thanked me by sending over their signature Beauty Box, called the Bellezza Box.  

Inside this cute as ever black and pink lunch-box tin is an array of Principessa's best selling products, which include travel sizes of the following:
Bacio Me - a pretty pink sweet tasting lip balm
Bagno Bliss - a creamy bath wash
Candela-to-go - a 100% pure VegeSoy wax travel candle
Cattiva Diva - a rich and creamy hand cream
Dolce Dreams - a whipped body lotion
Fresh Fiore - a sudsing shower cream
Principessa pouf - a pink nylon bath pouf

The scent of these products is fabulous. It is very hard to describe, but soft, feminine, and whimsical come to mind. It is one of those scents that every girly girl love.

The box retails for $41.00 and it is truly the best way to try our their offerings. Send your girl a little beauty box when she goes off to school - it makes the bet present for any Princess!

Visit Principessa Beauty to check out their adorable website, and see the numerous celebrity photos they have sharing in their goodies too.

Thanks, Trish!


And the Award for the Best Beauty Look Goes to...

Some of the girls looked so fab at the Emmy's Sunday night, that I had a really hard time narrowing down my choices as to whom my favorites were.

But I chose - and here are my top 3 picks.

585248-448018-thumbnail.jpgDebra Messing -

She is just such a real looking woman, and I love her Emmy look. From the pale skin, pink cheeks, nude lip, and dark eyes - I want it all. And this look is pretty easy to duplicate which makes it an even bigger plus for me.






Heidi Klum -

No wonder she is known as a Super Model. She always looks fabulous, and I think she took her Emmy look right from Shakespeare. She is one Roman Goddess. The hair so goes with the dress, and the makeup - it is just perfect.




Katherine Heigl -

Where has she been hiding her glamorous side?  I mean she is just glowing with glamour. The dark eyes with her slightly bronzed skin and peach/pink lip is perfect. On E! I heard that her makeup was from DuWop. Enquiring minds want to know exactly which products and shades were used on her.  Beautiful!



Who were your favorites of the night? If you were like me and didn't see much of the show, you can check out all the photos courtesy of Yahoo! and Wire Image.