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And the Award for the Best Beauty Look Goes to...

Some of the girls looked so fab at the Emmy's Sunday night, that I had a really hard time narrowing down my choices as to whom my favorites were.

But I chose - and here are my top 3 picks.

585248-448018-thumbnail.jpgDebra Messing -

She is just such a real looking woman, and I love her Emmy look. From the pale skin, pink cheeks, nude lip, and dark eyes - I want it all. And this look is pretty easy to duplicate which makes it an even bigger plus for me.






Heidi Klum -

No wonder she is known as a Super Model. She always looks fabulous, and I think she took her Emmy look right from Shakespeare. She is one Roman Goddess. The hair so goes with the dress, and the makeup - it is just perfect.




Katherine Heigl -

Where has she been hiding her glamorous side?  I mean she is just glowing with glamour. The dark eyes with her slightly bronzed skin and peach/pink lip is perfect. On E! I heard that her makeup was from DuWop. Enquiring minds want to know exactly which products and shades were used on her.  Beautiful!



Who were your favorites of the night? If you were like me and didn't see much of the show, you can check out all the photos courtesy of Yahoo! and Wire Image.


Emmy's Eyebrows.

For a little recap on the Emmy awards - I have to bring attention to the eyebrows of our various young tv starlets.

I love these ladies - but what happened to their eyebrows? Is a little shaping of the eyebrow not a part of their beauty routine anymore? Where was Elke (our own beauty blogging eyebrow queen)?

Case in point:


She could have used a little trim here.




Just a little more off the bottom, please.



Has she even heard of tweezers?


Ladies - I so hate to criticize, but these women spend hours to get ready and have so many "pros" available at their disposal. I just don't know how these brows could have been overlooked.


Am I Crazy? $40 for Black Eyeliner?

Maybe I was tired. It was late. Like almost 11PM - yes I am getting old.  I ordered this from QVC while flipping through the channels:

smashbojet_set.jpgSmashbox Jet Set Eyeliner with Brush. The total with shipping + tax = $40.24. Eek...that's a lot for another black eyeliner.

The lovely Holly Mordini, Smashbox's VP of Global Artistry, showed how this eyeliner with brush is perfect for lining the inner rims of your eyes - usually a beauty don't. But said this was specially formulated to dry quick on the inner rims and didn't smear or smudge into the eyes.

I like the small angle in the brush - and that could possibly be enough to justify the purchase.  I am just hoping it works for the beautiful eye looks for Fall on me!