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Have I Told You Lately?

Have I told you lately...

That this is the ultimate cleanser - and it is my favorite, ever?
That Beautifull Makeup Search is now part of the super-coolest network and how proud I am about it?
How I love lipgloss so much that I started an entire blog about it?
That Benefit Cosmetics rocks so much that they sponsored the best giveaway ever for us?
How I could have lived so long without this?
That I am totally addicted to Stylehive?
How I am just so totally tired early on a Sunday morning to think about anything to write?

Make it a beautiful day!


The Best Giveaway Yet!

Okay - how great am I?

I love you readers so much that I asked a wonderful sponsor of ours, Benefit Cosmetics, if they would sponsor a giveaway for my loyal readers. And guess what? They wanted to. And not only did they want to give away a product, but they wanted to give away a product to 10 lucky readers.

Benefit Cosmetics has offered to give "10" of my lucky readers one of their great Color Plump Lip Plumping Pencils. Awesome!!!

All you have to do to be entered to win is to sign up for our newsletter, which you can do right here:

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Thanks Benefit!


Love to the Little Guy!

Have you taken a look at some of the smaller, independent beauty companies out there?

Well, they may not be so little. And by little, I mean it in the sense that we cannot find them at our major department store, Sephora, or

I want to spread the word about some great little beauty sites I discovered, and hope to bring you reviews of their products soon, if I haven't already.

Ooohlala of Beverly Hills - super cute bath and body sets, bath bombs, and candles
Bella il Fiore - fun makeup, polishes, and bath & body sets
Bath by Bettijo - a great selection of natural products - soap, scrubs, shea butter and lip balm
Renee Rouleau - unique skin care products for unique skin from a celebrated esthetician
ME! Bath - home of bath ice cream and shower sorbet - yummy
Piaffe Beauty - beautiful vitamin and mineral bases makeup and skin care
Urban Apothecary - artisan quality makeup and skin care

Let me know if you have tried anything!