Back to School Beauty - Are You Envied?

Be envied as you head back to school! Let them look at your full, thick, too good to be true lashes. Are they falsies? What is she wearing? How does she do it?  This is what you will hear when you use my latest mascara find.

What is it? What is it?

px_lash_envy.jpgIt is Prescriptives new Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara.  And I am being serious here, ladies. I have not been so excited by a new mascara in such a long time.

Lash Envy is the first mascara that uses a special polymer that helps boost lash volume by up to 200%. Somehow, through the miracle of science + makeup, the formula immediately grabs onto your lashes, making them so full of volume - with no clumping in sight.

And the volume lasts throughout the entire day. You see, normal water-based mascaras lose lash volume over time, as the water in the formula slowly evaporates as you wear it. Not with Lash Envy and its special polymer - it sustains the volume. And by keeping the water in, lashes are left soft and smooth - while extremely full of volume. Amazing!

Lash Envy is $19 - a little on the expensive side for a mascara, but so worth it - and it comes in black and brown.

I haven't used anything but black mascara (during the day) for what seems like years. But I tried Lash Envy in brown, and was truly surprised. Pairing it with a new dazzling brown eye liner (Bourjois new Metallic Eye liner, review coming soon) and my hazel eyes are beautiful. And my lashes really have never been so full and lush with this mascara.

At the end of the day (which you would never know it was the end of the day from the way my lashes still looked - really!) Lash Envy simply comes off with my regular facial cleanser. Simple. Easy.

I think I found my "HG" mascara.

Look for Lash Envy at, at their counters nationwide, and over at too (where they have been running Free Shipping with any purchase lately!).


Maybe I Just Don't Hate Fragrance!

If you have been following my blog at all, you may know that I am not fond of fragrance. I am turned off by  many, but do have a few - only a few - favorites in my small collection.  But my small collection will soon be bigger!

I have just discovered Bond No. 9.

You have heard the beauty bloggers raving about this "Making Scents of New York" line of perfume and candles for a while now, and I feel privileged that I got to take a sniff at a few.


Fire Island is the latest creation of Laurice Rahme, the founder of Bond No. 9.

You see, all of the fragrances in the Bond No. 9 collection pay homage to the great city of New York. And Laurice knows that New Yorkers go in droves to Fire Island in the summer time - dreaming to be lying naked on the beach - surrounded the scent of sun over the skin. This is what her basis was for this beautiful scent. She combined it with the spicy-sweet scent of vintage Euro-bronzing oils and you have it - Fire Island.

In perfumer speak, the perfume is a blend of the following: Top Notes - Cardamom and Ozone; Middle Notes - Neroli and White Musk; Base Notes - Skin Musk, Tuberose, and Patchouli.

In inexperienced perfume buyer speak, I love it. It is so soft while being so  "there". The scent is not over powering on me. I can definitely smell the musk and neroli - the rest is foreign to me (as I said, I am very new to this) but very inviting and warm, like the summer sun on the white sandy beach.

I totally get it!

I am sampling The Scent of Peace now, and will let you know all about that soon.

Be sure to stop by the newly created Bond. No. 9 website for more information. It is vibrant and overall fantastic.


Quite Possibly the Best Giveaway Yet!

Oh my! Benefit is giving away 50 - YES - 50 of their new Weather Girl Palettes to readers.

This palette is so awesome - all you need for Fall and Back to School. It really is one of my favorites, and I have been using mine almost daily. It features 3 fashion forward eye shadows and lipglosses in the icey cool brown hues. And I even dot the darker lip gloss over the tops of my cheek bones for a shimmery bronzed look!

Enter to win NOW!