Happy SUN-day!

Another Sunday in Summer. Another day to try out a few SUN-free tanning products, perhaps?  Yes, my obsession with self-tanning continues.

I tried two new self-tanners this week.


The first was Kiehl's Sun Free Self Tanning Formula ($22.50). This formula is a very lightweight lotion that dries awesomely quick. The cream is enriched with goodies such as Apricot Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E. The goodies help it smooth on evenly so it is very easy to spread and rub in. You just have to do it pretty fast, as it does dry fast, like I said before. And it has a nice, clean cucumberish fresh scent. My color really started to develop in just over an hour, as I noticed my face getting slightly golden.



Next I tried Bath and Body Works Solar Power All-Angle Professional Airbrush Tan (regularly $15 on sale for $9). As my latest obsession is with these airbrush tanning formulas that can be easily sprayed in any direction, I had been eyeing this for some time. When sprayed, you are immediately surrounded in the nicest orange-vanilla scent - yum. You can see exactly where the formula is sprayed, as it goes on very wet. Unfortunately, you stay wet for a good ten or so minutes (did I spray too much?) and have to wait to dress until it is fully dry. The color developed slowly over about four hours, but the color was a nice rich golden one.


It's All About the Brows.

I have been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills - the queen of eyebrows - for a few years now. Her tweezers are the best. Gosh, I use them almost everyday. I am really liking one of her kits. It is the All About Brows kit - made exclusively for Sephora.

anas_brow_kit.jpgThis set has 6 great tools to groom even the hairiest of brows, including my favorite tweezers. It also has a Brow Powder Duo, four Brow Stencils, a Duo Angle/Spooley Brush, a Brow Gel, and an Eye Lights highlighting pencil.

The Brow Powder goes on very nice and smooth with the angle brush, and I am happy that it comes in two shades -there is not one perfect shade for everyone, you know.

The other side of the brush is easy to use to groom the brows into place before using the Brow Gel. The gel is clear, and dries quickly, with no sticky or tight feeling left behind.

The highlighting pencil is a perfect addition to the set, and it's used directly under the brow, at the top of the brow bone to accent that area. It totally softens the entire brow look.

While I personally don't like Brow Stencils, I can see the need for them for the inept brow groomer. (Don't you just hate seeing a beautiful woman with overplucked brows?).

All About Brows is $75 (eek - you do get a lot for the high price) and comes in three color coordinated kits: Ash Blonde, Medium Ash, and Ash Brunette.


Another Mineral Makeup.

Another Mineral Makeup line - this one from Neutrogena.

neutrogena_sheers.jpgMineral Sheers foundation is similar to other powder mineral foundations. Neutrogena says that dermatologists select these minerals - I am not sure if that really makes them better minerals. I mean, they all have to be similar - don't they? Anyway, it is oil-free and fragrance-free, and the foundation comes in 4 shades plus a bronzer.

I like the applicator. It is larger than one that you usually get in a pump-up brush. To use, you simply slide the clear band down to release the brush and powder, turn the brush over and shake it a few times until you see the powder on the brush.

The powder is nice feeling, and not as matte as I find some of the BE shades. I think it looks more natural. Neutral to Medium is my perfect shade, but I love the bronzer the best, and it has found a permanent place in my makeup bag. It looks very natural swept across my cheeks and nose.

Neutrogena also came out with Mineral Sheers for eyes. The shades are very nice, and come in 6 duos. They are all very natural and pretty. I especially like Shell - and have been using the colors blended together all over my eyes for a natural, every day look. Pretty, pretty, pretty! They don't crease, and look fresh even at the end of the day.

If you haven't tried a mineral foundation yet and are looking for a less costly alternative than the major mineral brands, I suggest you give this a try. The Mineral Sheers Foundation retails for $11.99 and the Mineral Sheers for Eyes is just $7.99.