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Pink is The Word!

benefit_pink.jpgDo I really have to wait until February to get my hands on this pink pleasure palette?

It is from none other than Benefit Cosmetics, and it is called, appropriately enough - Hopelessly Devoted to Pink. And it will be on counter just in time for Valentines Day! Yipee!

Hopelessly Devoted to Pink looks similar to this past falls Weather Girl Palette, featuring 3 shadows and lip creams in shades of pink, with brush, and mirror. And in a cutie-pie box too. Don't ya just love Benefit's packaging? All for $28.

I can't wait to try it. Pink is for me!!!


OLD NAVY Gift Receipt Scam.

This is not beauty related, but I had to share! I had to! It is too important not to.

I am mad - fuming mad!

Old Navy is scamming thousands of consumers, and I have first hand experience.

I went to make some returns today.
*To Macy's, with no receipt or gift receipt. I got a store cash card for the lowest amount that the item was in the last 30 days. Fine. I understand.
*Onto American Eagle, I see what I am returning on sale for $29.50, so I expect to get $29.50 back on a store gift card - but no, I had the gift receipt. So I got what the purchaser paid - the entire $44.50 back on a store gift card - GREAT! That is how it is supposed to go.
*Onto Old Navy. I needed to get a smaller size in a pair of pants for my son - but I had no receipt or gift receipt. Guess what? I was not allowed to do an even exchange for a smaller size. Not without a receipt. No way - new policy. WHAT? I had to keep them, in the wrong size. TOTALLY SUCKS!!!

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