The Natural Way to Beautifully Plumped Lips.

If you have ever been into CVS, I am sure you have noticed their Scandinavian Beauty line called Lumene. You can't miss the displays.

When traveling last year, I picked up a few of their travel sized cleansers, and I was really happy with the results. Now I am venturing into a bit of their cosmetic line. And my first product is Lumene's new Beauti-Full Plumping Lipshine.


This lipshine is the answer for women of all ages who crave beautiful, full-looking lips in an instant. Not only is this is a lip plumping product with the famous Maxi-lips ingredient, it also is formulated with natural, Arctic ingredients. Arctic lingonberry seed oil, available only in Scandinavia, provides another layer of protection with it's softening and moisturizing benefits. It also has additional key ingredients derived from plant sources, including Vitamins A, C, and E, and a natural UVA/UVB filter.

I have been used Beauti-Full Plumping Lipshine a fw times now.

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Small Palettes.

Sometimes I wonder if palettes are even worth it. Many of them are, MAC, Laura Geller, and Smashbox come to mind when thinking of ones I really like. But when some palettes are made so small to begin with, how are we to be able to truly come to know and love a product.

Case in point, the Dior Dior Dazzle Palette. Now, I am not a Dior basher, as I really like their glosses, but their palettes seem to leave a little to be desired - don't they?

dior_dazzle.jpgLook at the photo to the left. The entire palette is basically the size of a foundation or large blush compact.

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Head Turner of the Year.

contest.jpgAnother great contest. This one is from Head & Shoulders and the one an only Cosmopolitan magazine.

They are are looking for the “Head Turner of the Year” – someone with personal style, charisma and stand-out achievements.

Women can enter via photo and 50-word essay on Head Turning Hair from January 2 – 31.

The top 10 finalists will be posted online and voted on by consumers to choose the grand prize winner.

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