Top 10 Tips for a Safe Manicure.

I am a slave to the nail salon. Though I change up my nail color at home a few times a week. I get regular manicures at the salon every two weeks. I have been visiting the same salon for almost 20 years and have been seeing the same nail tech at that salon for about four years now, so I feel safe with both her and the salon. But there are a lot of unsavory salons and manicurists out there. Don't be fooled by those cheap nail salons that lure you in with the $5 manicures. They may have unlicensed nail techs or unsafe and dirty stations may just walk away with more than a great looking set of nails when you leave the salon. Pathogens are right at home in the warm and wet environment that salons provide and proper sanitation is the only way to prevent their spread. Robert Urfer, founder of Lucas-Cide Salon and Spa Disinfectant, offers 10 tips to ensure you're in for a safe mani/pedi.  

10 Tips for a safe salon manicure.

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Summer 2014: MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection.

It's not officially summer for me until I have fallen for the MAC summer collection and I am here to say that I have officially fallen for this years collection called the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection. With its' boxes and containers affixed with what seem to be water droplets in the must see teal packaging to the luminous finishes of the bronzers, blushes, shadows, lipsticks and lacquers, I am taken with it all. MAC has outdone themselves once again all around, though I am obsessed with the packaging -- downright obsessed. You have to see it and feel it in person to appreciate it.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

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Summer 2014: Collection Reflets d’Été de CHANEL.

CHANEL says it is time to play this summer and mix and match summer brights with that of the sand and bronzed skin and I am loving it. The Collection Reflets d’Été de CHANEL features see through shades for lips and boldly bright shades for nails and eyes that take on shimmer to reflect light in such a beautiful way. The pairings seem endless.

"It’s a season of colour creativity. The shades of summer add a playful stroke to your beauty ritual, with vibrantly versatile options from Glossimer and Le Vernis Nail Colour. Coordinate shades of gloss and polish to accentuate a bronzed-skin look, or contrast lips, tips and lashes with a bright, shimmery eye for a sweet colour clash."

Collection Reflets d’Été de CHANEL

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