Currently Obsessed: GLO Pop.

I'm going through something. I don't know if it's my age, a mid-life crisis or if I am just looking in the mirror too often. I am noticing EVERY LITTLE THING and taking action. So far this year I have had botox, fillers, had a lot of work done on my teeth, cut my hair, died my hair lighter, died my hair darker, had face peels in amongst multiple facials -- I could go on. I have never been overly obsessed with my looks. Maybe it is the getting older thing and being obsessed with beauty and beauty treatments. One thing that I noticed lately, even after spending a lot on my teeth, is that they were just not as white and bright as they had been. When I had the opportunity to try teeth whitening breakthrough from Dr. Jonathan Levine, I jumped at the chance. I recently put his 10-day GLO Pop Daily Teeth Whitening Kit to the test, and seeing as my friends have noticed a difference, I would say that it was a success.

GLO Pop Daily Teeth Whitening Kit

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Top 10 New Mascaras for 2015.

I may be set in my ways when it comes to mascara because I always think I have found my 'holy grail', but then a new mascara comes along that seems to be better than my current favorite. The fact that brands are continually improving their formulas and launching new mascaras with new features, I don't think I will ever truly find one mascara to settle upon. With things like specialized brushes, wands and cutting edge formulas so that lashes bigger and better than ever, I am constantly wowed.

I have had a list of top mascaras, and while I usually use just drugstore mascaras (many of these are mascaras under $10, you have to give it up to the brands and all of the new mascara launches just this year alone! I've tried all of these on the list, and though I have just reviewed a few specifically, I have mentioned the others here and there. All of these rightfully deserve a spot on this list of top 10 new mascaras for 2015.

Top 10 New Mascaras for 2015

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Staying Safe in the Sun with Moroccanoil.

I can't believe that August is well under way, but summer is far from over. We still have a good month and a half left of fun in the sun to be had here in the Northeast. I have been spending a lot of time outside already this summer and I do protect my skin with sunscreen each and everyday. I seem to turn a golden brown even with sunscreen as soon as I hit the outdoors, but my skin still needs that protection and a ton of nourishment. I've been using the latest from Moroccanoil -- yes Moroccanoil! They have a brand new argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Sun™ collection and my skin is loving it.

Moroccanoil Sun Collection

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