Spa At Home Must Haves for Glowing Skin.

It's a fact that the spa can do so much for your skin. With treatments ranging from facials, scrubs, masks and other indulgent treatments, they are certainly beneficial and important to maintaining glowing skin. I love to get facials and spa treatments regularly, but not as regularly as I'd like; it is just not in my budget. I do regularly spa at home and have a list of products and tools that I depend on to keep my skin looking it's best.

Spa At Home Must Haves for Glowing Skin

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Summer 2015: MAC Wash & Dry.

I always look forward to the MAC summer collection and MAC Wash & Dry is a little surprising. That is because this one doesn't take us to a tropical locale or normal summer setting, it takes us somewhere different, a laundromat. Yes, a laundromat.

MAC Wash & Dry Summer Makeup Collection

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Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer.

If there is one thing I hate about lipstick is that I have to reapply it. Many of my favorite colors have to be reapplied often. Longlasting lipsticks are often drying. Well, Clinique is introducing their next generation of lipstick and it's a good one that seems to solve this problem: Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer. It's a hybrid lipcolour that combines a primer and hydrating lipcolour in one formula. The result is a longwearing, velvety smooth lip colour that stays true through the day. It's a must for the long days of summer and beyond.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

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