Summer 2015: MAC Wash & Dry.

I always look forward to the MAC summer collection and MAC Wash & Dry is a little surprising. That is because this one doesn't take us to a tropical locale or normal summer setting, it takes us somewhere different, a laundromat. Yes, a laundromat.

MAC Wash & Dry Summer Makeup Collection

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Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer.

If there is one thing I hate about lipstick is that I have to reapply it. Many of my favorite colors have to be reapplied often. Longlasting lipsticks are often drying. Well, Clinique is introducing their next generation of lipstick and it's a good one that seems to solve this problem: Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer. It's a hybrid lipcolour that combines a primer and hydrating lipcolour in one formula. The result is a longwearing, velvety smooth lip colour that stays true through the day. It's a must for the long days of summer and beyond.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

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Zoya Summer 2015: Island Fun & Paradise Sun.

Even though summer has come early in the weather department here in the Northeast, I am always in the mood for a tropical vacation. The just out Zoya summer collection embodies an Island getaway and is all about the Island Fun in the Paradise Sun - which just so happens to be the names of this years collections.

Zoya Summer 2015: Island Fun & Paradise Sun

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