Makeup Wars: My Fall Manicure.

I am really torn when it comes to fall nails. I am usually all about bold shades on my nails as soon as fall rolls around, but this year I am loving nude colors too. So for my fall manicure I did a mix of both.

I used the butter LONDON Half Moon Manicure Set from QVC to create my fall manicure. First let's take a look at the kit, then we'll look at my manicure.

Butter London Manicure Set

The butter LONDON Half Moon Manicure Set contains all you need for a sensational seasonal manicure, including two hot shades, Union Jack Black - an opaque, glossy, jet-black cream shade and Yummy Mummy - an opaque, medium-beige cream shade. The set also contains Nail Foundation - base coat and Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat. It really is everything you need for a complete mani and perfect for fall. The kit also comes with easy to follow step-by step instructions for how to create a half moon manicure. Though, I am so artistically challenged that it did not work out so well for me. At all.

After multiple attempts at the half moon manicure failed, I wound up with my standard accent nail look that I love so much. I used Yummy Mummy as my base shade and Union Jack Black on my ringer fingers as my accent nail. I then took a toothpick and dipped it into Yummy Mummy and painted a few tiny polka dots over the Union Jack Black. It is a balance of the bold and nude; perfect for fall.

My Fall Manicure | Beautiful Makeup Search


New Makeup for Beautiful Brows.

Whether you have thin brows or bold brows have no fear; there are brow products designed just for you. This fall, there are two new brow products, in fact, that are designed specifically for different brow needs.

The 2 products and the 2 steps that will help you achieve perfect brows.

If you have thin brows... try Benefit Gimme Brow Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

This brush-on gel formula contains fibers that adheres to brow hairs and skin to create fuller brows and fill in where there were none. It is super easy to use as it brushes on with a tapered brush as it basically builds up brows. Better yet, the fiber gel is water resistant, so your new natural looking brows are long-lasting too. Gimme Brow sells for $22.00 at and Sephora.

If you have thick brows... try Urban Decay Brow Box.

Urban Decay Brow Box

This tool kit has everything you need to tame brows and keep them in place. There are two tiers to this handy box. The bottom tier contains mini tweezers to thin brows and pluck stray hairs and two mini angled brushes. It also contains a magnifying mirror to make sure you never miss a hair. The top tier contains two shades of brow color to perfectly match your brow color and a perfecting/setting wax to keep brows in place. The Brow Box sells for $29.00 at and Sephora.


Getting Healthy with Nutrisystem: Week 11.

I've had a really busy week and I worked really hard on fitting in my exercise too. It was difficult but I had to fit into a dress for a wedding this weekend. The good news is that I did!

All of my clothes are all too big. Belts don't cut it any longer. My pants just look baggy on me with belts. My shirts look oversized and everything looks so unflattering. I look like I am trying to hide in my clothes. I am swimming in my cute cardigans that I couldn't wait to pull out for fall. The problem is that I am not ready to shop for new clothes yet. Though I am down a solid size, I am not to my goal yet and I don't want to buy clothes that I will only be wearing for a few months. I don't feel like living in yoga pants and zip up sweatshirts either, but I don't know what else to do at this point.

Back to my exercise and fitting into the dress for a wedding this weekend. I found the dress I wanted and tried it on in two sizes. The 14 was clearly too big and the 12 fit, but was a bit tight around the bust. I didn't even know how to lose weight around my bust. Even with the right undergarments, it was still a bit form fitting up top.

I upped my walking to twice every day - each day this week. I walked faster, harder and longer each time. I also made it to the gym three times this week to use the bike for 30 minutes and get back to using the Cybex machines that I haven't used in months. It felt great!

Not only does my dress fit, it fits great; I have plenty of room up top. I am so happy to be in a size 12, you have no idea. I am also excited to report that I lost 4.5 pounds this week, making my total weight loss 20.5 pounds so far. That extra hard work really paid off for me.

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Disclosure: As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me with the Nustrisystem program, free of charge, which includes food and support, in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. No other compensation has been given. All thoughts are my own.