Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar - if You Dare to Go Bare!

It is that time of year to be baring all - especially in this 100 degree heat that came out of no where this weekend.

If you are a bit afraid to bare it all because you have a bit of back acne or bumpy arms, have no fear. Clinique's new Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar will have your skin in tip top shape to bare, well, as much as you dare.


Both my 16 year old son and (almost) 13 year old daughter are at that age where those pesky pimples are popping up on their shoulders and the top of their back. My daughter refers to it as bacne - a new term for me. Justin has not been as faithful in using the bar (though he love the Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam), but when he did, I noticed that the bumps were barely visible. Caci has been using it everyday in the shower and  her results are even better. She is not afraid to bare her shoulders as she was earlier in the season, and confidence is everything, especially at her age.

This bar is lasting a long time too. After using, simply put it back in the case so the showers water does not "melt" the soap faster than it should. 

No matter what your age, body acne is not fun. Try this out and let me know your results.

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar is available for $12.50 at your local Clinique counter or online at Check out the rest of the Acne Solutions line while you are there.

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Philosophy's Purity Now in Foam!

I open an e-mail yesterday to learn that my favorite cleanser, Philosophy's Purity Made Simple is now available in a new foam form. I love Purity the way that it is, but if it improved on anything this just might be it: a foam to put on your face for that extra squeaky clean feel.

I do have to think though, that one of the reasons I love Purity is because it is so gentle, and the fact that you need so little, and that the little bit of liquid does all it needs to do - remove every bit of my makeup and dirt from my face, while keeping my skin soft and smooth.


I would think that this could be accomplished by adding more water to the product and adding in the pump. But looking at the image, it is clear. Hmmm.... is this the same formula?

"Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming Cleanser is a daily face wash that eliminates the toughest makeup, dirt, oil, and debris as it calms, soothes, and refines the skin. This one-step cleanser allows you to skip astringent, leaving skin feeling perfectly purified, comfortably balanced, and refreshingly clean without feeling tight afterwards."

I love my Purity as is, but I do have to try this, you know. Just because. Or at least for research reasons. ;)

If you have tried this yet, let me know what you think.  I will be picking it up this weekend, and will report back after I use it at least a few times.

Purity Made Simple High Foaming Daily Cleanser is available at Sephora only, with two sizes available. There is a 6 oz. size for $21.50 and a larger 12 oz. size for $34.50.

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I Think I Found It - The Ultimate Tinted Moisturizer from CHANEL.

I have been obsessed with finding a new tinted moisturizer for this Summer. Not that I am totally un-happy with DuWop Revolotion Face (my tinted moisturizer fave for last year), it is just that it is almost sometimes too thick.

After trying a few new ones already this year, I think I can officially claim my favorite as this: CHANEL HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE TEINTÉ Active Moisture Tinted Lotion SPF 15.


I love the light, non-greasy formula. This product is easily applied with my fingertips or a sponge for a bit blending - making it a fast alternative to foundation. It also delivers the right amount of hydration for my dry skin, with sun protection and the perfect of coverage to give my complexion a finished glow. Just the perfect blend of everything.

With my faux-tan, Sand is my perfect shade. Shade is the medium shade with two others shades, Bronzelit and Sunlit available as well. $55 seems to be a bit much, but thinking of it as not just a makeup product and a CHANEL Precision Skincare moisturizer where no other daytime moisturizer is needed, then it is very well worth it.

Active Moisture Tinted Lotion is available at specialty stores and

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