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ALMAY wake-up™ Makeup Collection.

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't get enough rest. Most of the time, you can tell. So when looking through my makeup, I want something that works, works well, and makes me look well rested. That's not asking for much, is it? ALMAY has a new collection of products that are designed to do just that, make you look radiant and well rested. It's appropriately called the ALMAY wake-up™ Makeup Collection.

ALMAY Wake-Up Makeup

Have you seen the ALMAY wake-up™ makeup commercials with the adorable Kate Hudson? More importantly, have you seen the collection? Let's take a look at the products in the collection.

ALMAY wake-up™ liquid makeup
This makeup is designed to make you look radiant and well rested.  It glides on and instantly boosts hydration by 132%. That is the key to looking like you had a good, full night of sleep. The finish is soft, luminous and beautiful. The fact that it lasts all day is a huge plus too.

ALMAY Wake-Up Liquid Makeup

ALMAY wake-up™ blush + highlighter
The blush shades in the collection are perfectly natural tones, that sculpts cheekbones and brighten the face.  The highlighter, used on the very tops of the cheekbones, adds a youthful glow to the cheeks.


ALMAY Wake-Up Makeup Blush and HighlighterALMAY wake-up™ blush + highlighter in rose

 ALMAY wake-up™ eyeshadow + primer
Instantly awaken tired eyes with the caffeine infused primer that lays the perfect foundation for a beautiful eye look. Three brightly colored shadows make eyes pop, while the formula keeps the look fresh as the vibrant colors last all day.


ALMAY Wak-Up Makeup Eyeshdaow and PrimerALMAY wake-up™ eyeshadow + primer in exhilarate

ALMAY wake-up™ eyeliner + highlighter
The highlighter and eyeliner work in a way to awaken the eye look too. The liner defines eyes in a rich color to make them pop. The highlighter instantly cools and refreshes the eyes, making you look more awake. Use a touch of the highlighter right on the brow bone, directly under the eyebrow, and on the very inside corner of the eyelid.

ALMAY Wakeup-Up Makeup Eyeliner and HighlighterALMAY wake-up™ eyeliner + highlighter in coffee buzz & iced buff

Even those with the most sensitive skin can wear any of the ALMAY wake-up™ Makeup. They are all hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested.

Look for the ALMAY wake-up™ Makeup products in your favorite drugstore or mass retailer now.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Almay. Please see disclosure policy for complete information.

Reader Comments (4)

I love the commercial (and Kate!) and I've wondered about the foundation. I could use brightening early in the morning.
Using the highlighter in the inner corners is a great tip. I love seeing it on other women and always wanted a product to help me do just that. Thank you!
We could all use a little brightening in the morning Leslie. The Wake-Up Liquid Makeup does a nice job of doing just that.
This Wake-Up Eyeliner + Highighter will help you get the look you want, Derby. I am not sure about the other color combinations, but the Iced Buff is a perfect shade to brighten p the eye by adding a touch to the inner corners and blending with your fingertip.

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