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Back to School Beauty: Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit.

I know how easy it is to let skin care fall to the wayside over the summer, but as school will begin soon, if it hasn't in your area already, it is time to get back to a great skin care routine. Clear, acne free skin is a priority and this new system from Advanced Home Actives will help to do just that.

Now, you know I really like the original Brazilian Peel. It's an amazing self-neutralizing at-home glycolic peel that does wonders for my aging skin. The brand recently introduced a new peel; this one for those with acne or acne prone skin. This is the Brazilian Peel Clear.

Brazilian Peel Clear is a two-step acne treatment that effectively clears and prevents blemishes. It includes a weekly peel that is the heart of the system, and daily use treatment pads. The salicylic acid acne treatment with professional strength 25% glycolic acid & nourishing açai antioxidant protection treat the skin, helping to keep it clear.

Professional Strength Weekly Acne Peel with Acai
This patented self-neutralizing scientific formula features powerful salicylic acne medicine and professional strength 25% glycolic acid combined with natural Acai berry essence from the Amazon rainforest that starts working instantly to fight acne. The peel warms up upon contact with skin, penetrating below the surface to unclog pores and remove dead skin, reducing acne scars and blemishes by stimulating collagen production. Skin is left visibly restored, hydrated skin, smooth and glowing.

Acne Control Booster Pads
These easy-to-use daily pads offer gentle exfoliation powered by scientifically formulated glycolic and salicylic acid, Acai berry extract and magnesium salts. Daily use works to deep clean pores, control oil and reduce shine, while helping to reduce acne outbreaks and flare ups. In just seconds, skin appears healthy and hydrated, while redness and acne marks are noticeably reduced.

Brazilian Peel Clear retails for $45.00. Shop for this new system at or at Sephora.

Reader Comments (10)

Is the peel the same as the other? I have acne and did really like the peel. I know the booster pads will definitely be an advantage, but I wonder if I need to use both peels and the pads?
I like this - the warming effect and the way it brightens my skin as it helps to clear and fade my acne scars is great.
I do a peel every week and my teenage daughter always wants to try. I can't wait to buy this for her so we can do our peels and celebrate our skin together.
Hi Jaclyn! This peel is different from the original. This one has Salicylic Acid in addition to the Glycolic Acid.
PercysMa - Glad to hear you like this peel. The warming effect is so cool, isn't it?
Kelli - My daughter and I actually had spa night last night. It's so fun!
Love a good peel.
I can't believe how much I've spent on the Brazilian Peel. I keep buying them and use a new one each week. It is THAT good.
I do too, Annie! I use a peel once a week. How about you?
So happy to hear you love the Brazilian Peel too HS. It's a great one.

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