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Beauty Favorites Friday: Quinn's Summer Eye Makeup.

Today's beauty favorite comes from my beauty blogging friend Quinn S. of Mama Fashionista.

Mama Fashionista is a Lifestyle/Beauty/Style Blog from a full time mommy and life long beauty junkie. If it's Chic, Stylish, Fashionable, and Family Friendly, it's on Mama Fashionista!

Quinn loves to use MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow as part of her summer makeup routine, plus a few other beauties. Read on to hear what else she uses.


I may have mentioned this before, and you may have already noticed, but it's HOT outside. Even before the onslaught of heat, I was super self-conscious of the dreaded raccoon eye, because of my oily complexion, so I developed methods to ensure my makeup stayed in place (especially after numerous occasions where I asked the hubby if my makeup was okay, and his response was "yes," only to discover that my eyeliner had actually made a messy migration south of my waterline). But when it's hot outside, I don't necessarily want to pile on products, I'm looking to keep my routine as simple and light as possible. I've found a few products that help me to achieve a simple, yet chic, budge proof look in the least amount of steps possible.


Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow was developed in the studio to last through long hours at photo shoots. It's super creamy formula gives vibrant color that lasts up to 15 hours with no creasing, flaking, or looking cakey. It's also transfer, sweat and humidity resistant. I love to use Stone as an all over wash of color on the lid for daytime looks. If I want to vamp it up after dark, I'll add Sapphire to the crease and outer v of my eye.

I don't leave the house without black liner, winged out, on my upper lash line. When it is sweltering out, or if I'm going to the pool with the girls, I turn to MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Black Waterproof Eye Shadow for the perfect line. Even though it's called an eye shadow, I use it with my favorite angled brush (pictured below) to create a sharp crisp line that won't budge until I want it to. It's also great in the waterline!

To top it all off, you can't forget to accentuate your lashes! I love Rimmel London's Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Mascara. The "MaxDensity" brush is big enough to coat your lashes in a single swipe (though, why stop at one?). The waterproof formula contains collagen and keratin and stays put, while still being gentle on your lashes. It comes off easily with any oil based makeup remover.

How do you adjust your beauty routine when it's scorching out? Do you go au naturale to the beach and pool, or do you have special products in your repertoire you use? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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Reader Comments (12)

Hmmm.. I think this is nice to try this beauty product.. Good review!
I have some of the Make Up For Ever shadows and never thought to use them as an eyeliner. That is a fantastic idea!
I bet this looks gorgeous!
It is beyond hot this year and I'm just about over wearing makeup. I know I need to look for more waterproof and longwearing versions because I'm tired of looking a mess.
I depend on the Aqua colors all summer long. They look good when I am swimming or at the beach even, running, etc. They are one of the best products out there. I am happy to hear you really like them and use them too.
I will check out the Smashbox eyeshadow too.
Thanks, Sheila!
Using them as a a liner is so smart, isn't it Babs?
I bet it does too, Tamara. Thanks for commenting!
Jenna - You would be smart to check out these suggestions from Quinn. They are all perfect for this super hot summer.
Betty - Aqua colors are some of the very best!
oh - and let me know if you do checkout the Smashbox shadows and how you like those as well.

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