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Bring a Little Art and Glamour into Your Life with M·A·C Illustrated Bags.

At M·A·C on Thursday, is this wonderful collection of makeup bags that you will want for storing all your M·A·C beauty. Called M·A·C Illustrated Bags, this collection turns makeup bags into masterpieces, as three fine artists created beautiful abstract prints for the exclusive launch.

Three renowned illustrators transform classic M·A·C makeup bags into mini masterpieces .Julie Verhoeven’s bold colors and outright wit come alive, featuring an array of abstract faces swept with vibrant hues. François Berthoud’s intricate flowers convey pop art chic in fluoro-brights. Nikki Farquharson ’s design is a graphic, bold hand-drawn black-and-white pattern, hit with swirls of red and yellow. Available in two sizes—one scaled for just necessities, the other for total beauty. Limited Edition. M·A·C Store exclusive.

The bags are made a very thick, textured canvas, with printing even on the inside. They are not only beautiful, but very durable.

The bags:

  • Petite Bag By Nikki Farquharson - $30.00
  • Small Bag By Nikki Farquharson - $35.00
  • Petite Bag By François Berthoud - $30.00
  • Petite Bag By Francois Berthoud - $35.00
  • Petite Bag By Julie Verhoeven - $30.00
  • Small Bag By Julie Verhoeven - $35.00

MAC Illustrated Bags by Nikki FarquharsonMAC Illustrated Bags by François BerthoudMAC Illustrated Bags by Julie Verhoeven

The M·A·C Illustrated Bags will be available at all M·A·C stores and beginning August 23rd.

Reader Comments (13)

So pretty and functional.
MAC needs to stick with MAC black, don't you think?
They are durable and great for showing off in your beach bag.
These makeup bags boost my mood....colorful and practical..exactly what I need for my makeup kit...WOOW...
Glad you like them, Nat! Thanks for the comment.
Michaeal - While I appreciate that MAC is known for black, I really enjoy their collaborations with artists like this.
Briana - These are very durable bags. Hope you enjoy them.
Happy to hear you like them, Diana. They are both fun and colorful, while being handy for sure.
Love the look of these bags, so artsy, definitely going to have to pick one up!
Gorgeous makeup bags, love the colors!
Danille - They are very artistic. Glad to hear you love the look.
They are stunning, aren't they Lisa?
So pretty! Love your blog. I am really enjoying seeing all the newest beauty products and items like this.

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