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CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara.

The new Le Volume de Chanel Mascara is not only luxurious, it is simply wondrous.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

The mascara is very thick and very black. The formula plumps the lashes super full and thick so lashes seem to almost multiply as it is applied. Lashes are lengthened as they take on a new life with the carbon black color.

The brush is like the best mix of a traditional feeling brush and the newer rubber tipped brushes. The bristles are shorter than normal mixed with some longer bristles, yet overall fuller than normal mascara brushes. It almost feels flocked. What it does do is make sure that each lash is coated with the wondrous formula.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara is available at all Chanel counters and specialty stores now. It retails for $30.00.

Reader Comments (6)

I like the looks of that brush. Different but I bet it really gets onto lashes.
I can't wait to try this. I used to be a Lancome mascara fanatic, but now I am all about Chanel. Inimitable is my go to, but I've heard from the artist that this one should be better for fullness.
Sherri - The snowflake brush is perfect for getting the mascara deep into the base of the lashes. It really helps deposit the formula there, helping the lashes curl and start to add fullness on each lash.
Jordyn - You will love this. Let me know if you pick it up and what you think.
I can't wait to try this. The MUA was telling me how much I would love it before it even came out yet.
You really love it Ana! Let me know how you like it once you give it a try.

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