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Daily Beauty: Bold & Beautiful Eyes.


A volume of looks for eyes and brows.

Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit

Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit. $36.00.

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What's inside? I bet it is good!
I'm going to stop following this blog. It's nothing but a constant tease. There is no description of a product. No swatches. No opinion. No nothing. This post is a perfect example. Adorable packaging, but what the heck is inside?? I find I am constantly frustrated when I click from Bloglovin'. Thanks but no thanks.
Julie -

Daily Beauty is only meant to be just that - a photo. I am sorry you misunderstood that. As of February 1, those images will only be posted in the Daily Beauty section and will not be showing up on the home page. I have at least one other post a day that generally contains a full review or thoughts on products.

I think this product is fun and it caught my eye and that is why I chose it for Daily Beauty. It is meant to be a tease, in a sense, and a full review will be coming soon, but not for a few weeks. I am only one person and can only fit in so much.

Here are some of my latest reviews, in case you missed them:
You rock Teri! I love your posts and you are actually very descriptive in how you highlight the best in products. A regular reader would totally get that the Daily Beauty piece is just a photo blog, and that is welcome. I love looking at pretty pictures of makeup.

I am looking forward to seeing what you think of that Anastasia palettes. Which was easy to see what it was about because I clicked the link you included.
Don't change a thing about your blog. It's your and its amazing! Keep on doing what you do best..
Lea -

There are two palettes inside; one for brows and one for eyes with eyeshadow. Stay tuned. I will be reviewing it in full soon.
Tina -

Thanks! I really appreciate you being a reader. You are making me *blush*. XO
Frances -

Thank YOU so much for your kind words and for being a reader. XO
Forever classy - keep it that way!

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