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Fall 2011: Illamasqua Magenta Muse Collection. 

Illamasqua wants to make you a "muse by midnight" with their new collection Magenta Muse for this fall.

Set to transform perceptions of beauty this summer, Magenta Muse is the daring new color collection from cult British beauty brand, Illamasqua.

Magenta Muse is a fearlessly eclectic blend of textures and finishes, spanning from gloss to matt, metallic to opalescent. Draw all attention to you, on those heady summer nights, with an urbane gathering of cool, alternative hues in grey, mauve, magenta and teal that mix effortlessly with flashes of coral and offset by matt black.

The collection:

Powder Blusher - $24.00

  • Excite - Vibrant Coral
  • Hussy -  Bright Petal Pink

Lipstick - $22.00

  • Test - Matte Pinky Beige
  • Underworld - Iridescent Violet

Sheer Lipgloss - $20.00

  • Electrify - Baby Pink Sheen
  • Tantrum - Deep Violet Sheen

Cream Pigment - $24.00

  • Dab - Matte Lilac
  • Mould - Matte Grape

Pure Pigment - $24.00

  • Android - Shimmering Gunmetal

Liquid Metal - $26.00

  • Enrapture - Metallic Copper

Precision Ink - $27.50

  • Abyss - Gloss Black
  • Glister - Opalescent nude

Nail Varnish - $14.00

  • DWS - Cement Gray/Glossy Finish
  • Jo Mina - Electric Lilac/Glossy Finish
  • Lament - Bright Coral Pink/Glossy Finish
  • Muse - Deep Teal Blue/Glossy Finish
  • Poke - Bright Violet/Purple Shimmer
  • Scorn - Pure Black/Matte Finish

The colors are definitely electric and I enjoyed trying some of the products from the new to me brand.  All of the colors offer great pigment power. I was especially impressed with the Powder Blushers, the Lipstick, Sheer Lip Gloss and Nail Varnish.

The colors are very vivid and very true to what you see in the photos.  The brand obviously concentrates on providing pure pigments in the shades. If your look is on the bold side and you wear color, than Illamasqua is defiantly a brand you want to check out. It is a high quality brand, and overall, I am very impressed with it.

The Magenta Muse collection is exclusive to Sephora.

Reader Comments (4)

I have all of those shades of nail color (they are repromotes) except Scorn - they are fabulous. Jo'mina and Poke especially! Muse was my first Illamasqua product =)
This is strange. It's all a combination of pre-released items!!

Jbrobeck -

Well, of course you would have all of the shade, you are the Polish Insomniac - ha! I really like them all, with the exception of Scorn. It is just a dirty, matte black and it is not a look or finish, for that matter, that I like.

I had no idea that these are repromotes, as I said, I am pretty new to the brand. I can see why you nail fanatics are not though.
Thanks for pointing that out, Sara. I had no idea. This was my first foray into the brand. Can't wait to try more, whether they are new or repromoted items. I know I have fallen for it.

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