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Fall 2012: NARS Fall Color Collection.

I guess it is about time that I start talking about fall collections. I've held because I just love summer so much, but I cannot deny that this month is getting shorter and summer will soon be gone.

First up for fall is the NARS Fall Color Collection. Designed by founder and Creative Director François Nars, the new collection features a blend of bold, modern shades and celestial shimmers. I am loving it!

The Fall 2012 Color Collection is at once bold and breathtaking: Icy shimmer enhances modern colors to create a stunning, ethereal effect. Eyes are piercing in smoky jewel tones accented with lavender and amethyst sparkle. Skin glows subtly in nearly nude pink with a whisper of silver. Lips are strong in striking metallics or soft in warm brandy and rose shades. Grey nails lend final sophistication to a look that’s exhilarating, evocative, and, as always, strictly NARS.

The collection includes:

High Society Trio Eyeshadow - $45.00
Three aristocratic shades—lavender, matte forest green, and iridescent amethyst—can be mixed and matched to create a near limitless range of options. Wear each alone or use one as base, another to highlight, and the third as a liner.

Undress Me Multiple - $39.00
A nearly nude pink with silver shimmer, this Multiple can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips—anywhere a luminous glow is desired. Dare to go bare.

Storm Bird Nail Polish
- $18.00
This moody grey Nail Polish adds a sophisticated finish to any look.

More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil - $24.00
The shiny Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in a universally flattering auburn can be wornalone or over a Lip Pencil for a more distinct effect. I am a new fan of these pencils since falling in love with Bueones Aires over the summer. This is a deeper shade that is a natural reddish brown shade. It looks like my lips, just a few shades darker.

Vent Glacé Eyeshadow Duo - $34.00
French for “icy wind,” this Duo Eyeshadow features a stormy combination of platinum and silver smoke. Wear each shade solo, layered, or one as a base and the other as a highlight for a seductive, frosted effect.

Autumn Leaves Lipstick - $24.00
This translucent but long-wearing Sheer Lipstick in an elegant, glistening brandy is as warm as the fall foliage that inspired it. I can see myself wearing this beautiful sheer reddish brown lipstick a lot this fall as well.  It has subtle gold shimmer in it, making lips just glow beautifully when wearing.

Outlaw Blush - $28.00
A soft rose tone Blush laced with golden shimmer for a dangerously alluring flush. This blush looks extremely gorgeous on my tanned skin and I bet it looks better even better when I am more pale. It is the most subtle wash of rose with a hint of gold strewn over the skin.

Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lip Gloss - $26.00
Vivid color and a long-lasting finish make this metallic burgundy Larger Than Life Lip Gloss a bold accent to any cool weather look.

Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick - $25.00
This garnet red Pure Matte Lipstick (named for the largest city in, and capital of, the Netherlands) delivers long-wearing color and a comfortable finish.

Shop for the NARS Fall Color Collection products right now at

Reader Comments (10)

Outlaw is GORGEOUS. Glad to hear it is sheer. I hate a full blush look and I usually look for sheer and subtle.
I am not ready for fall. I don't want to think about it yet. The colors are too dark for summer.
Storm Bird is CALLING me! think this will be the season of gray's for nails, for sure.
I really like the lipstick pencils. I am not allowed to wear that much makeup at work and I have always been able to get away with the velvet gloss pencils. I wonder if this color is too dark or if it will work for me.
You will LOVE the Outlaw Blush, Leslie. It is a bit sheer if you are careful in how you apply. If you have a heavy hand or really like to blend your blush, you will definitely get a darker look than I think you are going for.
I love summer Di and I am so not ready for fall either.
Dee - Storm Bird looks beautiful and I am sure you will love it. I agree with your point on grey being huge for nails this fall/winter.
Wendy - You cannot wear makeup to work? I have never heard of such a thing! This Velvet Gloss has some pigment to it, I am not so sure you could get away with it for a no makeup look.
That multiple will be mine, mine, mine!!!
You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it, Amy! I'm sure of it ;)

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