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Fall 2012: Urban Decay Vice Palette with 20 NEW Shades.

Today, Urban Decay is launching a beautiful new eyeshadow palette for fall. This new Vice Palette has - wait for it - 20 SHADES! Can you imagine? The formula and brand you love has 20 NEW, exclusive shades, just in this palette!!!

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Like I just said, all of the new shades were created exclusively for the palette. They are not avaialble in any other palette. Each shadow contains Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary
blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power, and blendability. The shadows come in a range of mattes, shimmers, satins, neutrals and brights. Of course, the palette even includes a double ended shadow and crease brush.

Urban Decay Vice Palette

The NEW shades:

  • Desperation – taupe brown w/satin finish
  • Muse – deep sepia brown w/multidimensional sparkle finish
  • Jagged – metallic black gold w/shimmer finish
  • Blitz – metallic yellow gold w/shimmer finish
  • Penny Lane – metallic peachy bronze pearl w/ golden shimmer finish
  • Junkie – dark green/blue pearl w/ golden shimmer
  • Chaos – bright blue matte
  • Occupy – metallic steel grey w/multidimensional sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Unhinged – metallic electric turquoise w/ shimmer finish
  • Black Market – jet black satin
  • Provocateur – light metallic mauve w/multidimensional sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Rapture – dark greyish purple w/multidimensional shimmer finish
  • Vice – deep eggplant purple w/shimmer finish
  • Noise – electric punch pink w/gold sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Armor – metallic dove grey w/silver micro-glitter shimmer finish
  • Nevermind – metallic cork w/shimmer finish
  • Echo Beach – pale wheat w/shimmer finish
  • Anonymous – opaque almond w/matte finish
  • Free Bird – pink champagne w/silver microsparkle shimmer finish
  • Laced – opaque pinky taupe w/matte finish

Urban Decay Vice Palette

The Vice Palette retails for $59.00 and is available from Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s stores; or online
at,,, and

Reader Comments (29)

I want, I want, I want! I'm going to the mall and I pray to God that they have this already!!!! I'm so happy to see new shadows. UD 4EVA!
Is this a mini compact with small shadows, or is it full size? 20 shades are a lot, but how big are they?
Hi Pims - I am not sure if it is in stores quite yet. My information is that it should be available today, but I'm seeing from a lot of people that found it and that didn't find it. I think it is hit or miss. It is promised to be in stores by the end of the month, for sure.
Hey Workout Queen - first, your name inspires me! Ha!

The compact fits in the hand width-wise, but is quite tall. The shadows are not the size of the ones in the NAKED palettes, but are the same size (.03 oz.) of those in the Smoked palette, if that helps at all. They are not tiny shadows, by any means.

If you see it person before me, please let me know your thoughts!
I LOVE the new formula and I already have 2 of the build your own palettes, because I CANNOT have enough of UD shadows. They are the best in my book. I used to use ONLY MAC eye shadows, but the new formula is so much better and that is all I will use now. I got my order in earlier today on I bet this one sells out. It is like the 15th anniversary set for me - a must have, but even better with the new formula!!!!
I finally got something early! I ordered it this morning - I'm sure I will love it. Thanks for posting early today or I could have missed out! It looks bootiful!!
Hell yeah - I got it!!!! It looks so pretty. I can't wait til it comes in the mail later this week.
20 new shadows? Holy Cow! I can't wait ot see it. I know I will get it, just not too comfortable about ordering before I do see it, but I know I love it already. I love the great mix of colors, from bright to light. I need to start a blog so I can get early noticed of products.
I guess I really am only a naked palette gurl because the bottom row appeals to me and not much else. it looks great for everyone who loves a nice variety of colors though.
So I am sitting here eating like a bag of licorice looking at this palette for like the 5th time since you wrote about it yesterday. I am looking for real swatches and I guess need to search some other blogs now so I can make the decision. Why does the Urban Decay tempt me so with these new colors? I guess I'll just finish this licorice and ponder this yet again.
I think I have to pass on this one. I like a few of the colors but they are honestly similar to too many others I already have. I mean, how many bright pinks, blues and yellows do you need?
Brights - I needed this for summer, but will probably splurge (again!) and save it for next year.
I looked for this at Myrtle Beach Sephora, but it's at a JC Penney so maybe that's why they didn't have it yet.
Fun! I love UD and I love eye palettes - they are a weakness.
I can't wait for the holiday palettes! I'll probably put this on my Christmas list.Yup - I think ahead!!!
Wow so fantastic eye shadow. I want to collect these eye shadow. I am so excited after visit your post. Thanks a lot for sharing these awesome post with us !!
You're so lucky, Steffy! So glad you got this ordered.
OOh, Sarah! You got it too. So happy to hear this!
Oh my gosh - it looks like a lot of you got this already. Congrats to you too J. Carnivale!
Stay tuned here Henna. I try to post about previews as soon as I get them.

As far as the palette goes, I know you will really like this. The brights are beautiful!
I stick with more natural colors myself, Lydia, but occasionally do have the need for a brighter shade. This is where a palette like this definitely comes in handy.
Ha, Haley! Let me know if you caved.
I did cave and ordered it! After finding a site with some swatches, I knew I had to have it. Thanks for posting!!!
I hear ya, Val. It is hard deciding what you truly need. I am so excited for this because the formula is incredible and the colors, though some may be similar to some I already have, they are new and different.
I agree with you Jo - this is perfect for summer. I wish it were released a bit sooner too.

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