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Friday Finds: January 11, 2013.


1. M-61 Hydraboost Serum - $78.00
From the creator of bluemercury spas, this Vitamin B5 and oil free Peptide serum is giving me the much needed moisture I crave back into my skin. I use this serum directly after toning and it feels as if I don't even need moisturizer, though I still do. It is my winter skin savior.

2. Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle Scalp Vitalizing Essential Oils - $60.00
This wonderful smelling oil is a pre-shampoo treatment that I am using once a week. It is meant for super dry scalps, which I do not have, but it is so nourishing and really helps condition my dry, brittle winter hair - from the scalp.

3. Beauty Spoon - $9.99 (set of two)
I actually finish a lot of skin care items I receive and always hate throwing away a bottle when I know there is still a lot of product left buried on the bottom. I can tap and pour as much as I want, but it seems I can never get all the product out. Until now! I just discovered the Beauty Spoon, which makes getting every last drop out easy. It is small and flexible, and reaches deep down into skin care bottles and jars to make sure nothing goes to waste.

4. Benefit High Flyin' Glosses - $26.00
I picked up this adorable set with one of my Sephora gift cards I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I am a huge fan of the Benefit Box 'o Powders, and these mini glosses coordinate with each one: Lip Gloss in Coralista, Dallas, Bellabamba, HOOLA, Sugarbomb, and Dandelion.

Reader Comments (3)

That beauty spoon looks like the best invention ever. I swear I throw away way too many serum bottles with so much left that I can't get too.
Then only brand I have ever heard of hear is Benefit. The rest are new to me - obscure beauty brands? I guess it might be nice to find some new things. I get lay though. Sometimes I just want to be able to walk into Walgreens or Macy's and buy what is there.
I've never heard of these except Benefit either. Those Benefit ones do look too cute.

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