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Get the Look: 2013 Golden Globe Awards.


The beauty was stunning at last night's 2013 Golden Globe Awards. I have the makeup, hair, and nail looks from my favorite beauties at the show last night.

Jennifer Lawrence

Sophia Vergara

Anne Hathaway

Julie Bowen

Jodie Foster

Jessica Alba

Julianna Margulies

Julianne Moore

Salma Hayek

Katharine McPhee

Emily Blunt

Amy Adams

Jessica Chastain

Lea Michele

Jennifer Lopez

Naomi Watts

Nicole Richie

Zooey Deschanel

Marion Cotillard

Kerry Washington

Connie Britton

Kate Hudson

Claire Danes

Who was your favorite look?

Reader Comments (8)

Claire Danes looked more beautiful than ever.
Salma looks pure hollywood. I thought her dress was black!
Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!
Kate Hudson stole it last night. She looks and talks and laughs so much like her Mom! But I llked how she edged it out.
All the 'J's". Jennifer, Jennifer, Jessica, Julianne, Juianna - did I miss any? LOL
Ann Hathaway looked better than ever.
Jennifer Lopez looked so hot. I really like Katherine McPhee's look too. Her eyes look like a glossy wet black. Sexy!
Sophia Vergara is a bombshell! I liked her hair straight for a change.

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