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Get Your Glow On: Alpha Beta Glow Pads.

After a recent trip to sunny Florida, I came home to receive just what my face needed to keep my glow on: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads.

Looking like a small "wet wipe" this wipe contains a blend of powerful anti-aging products that prep the skin while a gentle self-tanner to give me the ultimate glow.

Alpha Beta Glow Pad is the only anti-aging, exfoliating sunless tanner that contains active Vitamin D (the
sun vitamin) to provide smoother, healthier skin and natural radiance year-round. Microencapsulated DHA and Soy Proteins deliver color deep into skin to prevent fading through surface exfoliation. Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids exfoliate, tighten pores, eliminate blackheads and help fade existing sunspots for an even, streak-free glow. Vitamin D is known for enhancing the benefits of the additional vitamins and antioxidants found in the formula. The Glow Pad transforms dull texture and tone into radiant, glowing skin!

The glow is beautiful - not orangey or too golden. The color I got after just one use was just what I wanted - a bronzed glow, that lasted a good five days before I applied again.  The trick to applying it to apply gentle pressure and apply the wipe to your face and move it around in a circular motion. There is enough self-tanning power to do your entire face and neck, with no streaking whatsoever. These will definitely stay in my faux glow rotation.  All I can hope for is a larger size so that I can use this easy to apply self-tanner to my entire body.

20 packettes of the Alpha Beta Glow Pad costs $32.00 and are available at, Sephora and

Reader Comments (7)

These look nice. I worry about a smell though. Is there a lingering self tanning after smell. Especially because this will be used on my face and the scent will be under my nose, so to speak, I wondered if it is really offensive. Thanks.
Yeay! Finally a tanning towel just for the face. I have tried some of the body towels (Tan Towels from Home Shopping) but did not really like the color for my face. With the extra Vitamin D benefit (winter blahs - HELLO?) I will look at Sephora or these this weekend. Maybe they will come in body sizes soon to.
Sitia -

As for your question about the smell, there really isn't a smell. The towelette does have a slight scent to it, but it is definitely not one of DHA (the self-tanning ingredient). Once you wash your face (waiting a few hours of course) there will be no scent left over at all. I would not hesitate to recommend these to even those that are sensitive to the DHA scent.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Wendy - I can't wait for you to try these. I know you will like them.

We can all keep our fingers crossed that the fine folks at DG Skincare hear our cries and make a large version for the entire body!
this is probably the third or fourth positive review i have read about these glow pads. power of the internet and wonderful bloggers i am buying myself a pack today.
I can't wait to try these. An antiaging leader to put out what we need in avoidance of the sun is pure genius.
I agree MAFS. Have you tried these yet? I am picking up a second pack this week and my daughter has been taking mine!

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