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How to Get Beachy, Bouncy Waves at Home.

Sexy yet casual, loose waves are the perfect style for the this spring and upcoming hot summer months. Can you get beachy, bouncy hair at home without the salt water or the sand? Yes, you can! Even if you can’t make it to the islands this summer, you can still get textured, tousled waves with expert tips from Edward Tricomi of the Warren Tricomi Salons.

My favorite celebs who are always sporting sexy, beachy waves (that look so effortless, don't they?) are Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner.


 "The salt in beach water roughens hair up, giving it texture and a certain look women love. It’s a great alternative to straightening hair and worrying if it’s going to withstand the humidity and frizz. Getting the look at home without taking a trip to the sandy beach is simple," says stylist Edward Tricomi. "By using a combination of the right styling products and techniques you could create the same effect easily, no matter your hair texture.

How to get the beachy, bouncy waves:

Step 1: Start by spraying a volumizing spray on damp hair at the roots and hairline. The spray boosts lift at the roots, creates the right amount of bounce and volume without the stickiness of salt water, imparts shine and de-frizzes strands. 

Step 2: Using bobby pins, secure hair in loose spirals all around the head. 

Step 3: Allow hair to air dry or speed up the process by blow-drying; then remove pins and shake out hair using fingers. “It is best to blow-dry hair on high heat for a shorter period of time rather than exposing your hair to medium heat for a longer length of time” explains Tricomi. 

This is also a much safer alternative as hanging in the sun can dry and damage your strands.  If you opt to bathe in the sun, Tricomi urges that you protect your hair and scalp by using a leave-in product with SPF. 


Reader Comments (8)

Love the Hair Love the Look and Love Kate!!
I do too, Betsy! She always has the perfect, beachy waves, doesn't she?
I agree with both you ladies - she is the epitome of the California girl with hair to match.
Oh yeah!! And she looks and acts so much like her mom!! Just love her!!
Betsy - she is so much like Goldie it isn't even funny. Love it!
I usually don't think of Jennifer Garner as one with wavy hair until I just went and looked through lots of her pictures and you are right - her hair is wavy and tousseled just perfectly in almost every photo. So glad you pointed it out to me as I am now a much bigger fan of her hair now. I want to go with some blunt bangs but long waves n the sides for my spring into summer new do and this picture just gave me the inspiration to go for it. THANK YOU!!!!!
Maxie - I am glad this post was a source of inspiration for you. Let me know how your hair turns out.
Fredrich Fekkai Beach Waves Spray is HEAVEN!

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