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Introducing DiscoverBeauty.

You know how much I love beauty products and sharing my new finds with you, that’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you about a nice site I discovered called DiscoverBeauty. is a one-stop, online source for all the latest in beauty and cosmetic industry news and tips. The site features current articles by physicians, and you can even purchase high-quality skincare products that you’d typically only find in your doctor’s office – right from the site!

Something that’s totally new – and unique to this site – is DiscoverBeauty’s easy-to-use BeautyCanvas tool. It’s the same facial and full-body photo morphing technology that many doctors use in their offices to simulate desired results during an initial consultation. Upload, tweak and share personal “before and after” photos directly with any number of doctors you select from the Doctor Directory right on the site.  You can even do this from the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. And as a next step, you can share your photos with friends and family to get their opinions on your new look. Being able to visualize the end result of a procedure helps you communicate your preferences and achieve the best possible outcome.

For those of you who just don’t know where to find a cosmetic specialist, DiscoverBeauty’s Doctor Directory (with more than 600 physicians) provides a quick and easy way to find board-certified doctors in your area – one you’re both confident in and comfortable with.

While the site and the BeautyCanvas are accessible to anyone, DiscoverBeauty is currently limited to Boston area doctors. There are plans to expand to other regions coming later this year.

Reader Comments (4)

Very nice! I'm going to check it.
Great site. My friend just decided to have a brow lift and wants to try botox. I'm going to show her this website.
I think this should be available to everyone and it is great that it is now. A lot of people cannot afford going to the doctors office to be sold on something. It should be a private decision and this sounds great.
This is perfect for those needing something a little extra. I want botox but I'm so afraid of looking frozen or like a clown. I need the right recommendation!

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