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Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Rosa Arctica Eye

The Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream is a breakthrough anti-aging product. Launched earlier last year, this product quickly became a best seller, but fans wanted more. Learning that there was a need for a lighter cream and simply more products, Kiehl's just launched two new products to the Rosa Arctica family. Meet Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Rosa Arctica Eye.


Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Rosa Arctica Eye

Like the classic Rosa Arctica Cream, these new beauties harnesses the power of the rare Resurrection Flower, to help "wake up" skin cells. I don't know about you, but my skin cells could definitely use a wake up after the summer where my skin is simply over-exposed. You see, this Resurrection Flower, or Haberlea rhodopensis, is a unique biological wonder that can dry out completely and survive periods of dryness during unfavorable conditions for up to 31 months!!! It is how it adapts to environment and survives. When the optimal growth conditions arise, the plant resumes normal growth within hours. Isn't that amazing?  With only a few drops of moisture, and the plant is restored in just one to two days.

The Rosa Arctica formulas bring that unique revitalizing property to the skin. It offers intense hydration, minimizes the appearance of lines, increases firmness and elasticity, and simply smoothes the overall texture of skin.

While I am not quite that hard on my skin, I need to nourish it when I can. I am a fan of the original Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream, but it was heavy, even for my dry skin. I like the new Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream just as much or maybe even more. I can layer this on in the morning, which is essential if I am (or my skin) is feeling extra tired. I could not wear the original during the day as it was just too rich for me.

The Rosa Arctica Eye Cream has done more for my eyes in a few days than my favorites. It is a balm that is so hydrating. Thanks to mineral brighteners, this instant hydration, just makes my eye area look more alive, as it starts to plump skin, fills in crow’s feet and lifts the area.

Shop at your favorite Kiehl's counter, Kiehl's store on online at now. The Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream sells for $60.00, while the Rosa Arctica Eye Cream sells for $46.00.

Reader Comments (12)

My overly dry skin needs the original RosA Arcitca, which I love and have told so many people about after they asked me why I was looking so great lately.
It`s essential for skin.
ooh - can't wait to try. i need some youth regenerating.
My skin cells need a "wake up" DO they carry this at Neiman's? I can't remember where I have seen them. I would actually like ot test out a few things in person.
Natalie! This is great to hear that you like the original. You are great to recommend great products that you find too.
Don't we all need a little youth regenerating, Diane.
Yes, Sherri, they carry Kiehl's at Neiman Marcus.
I'd love to try the lightweight version. I have normal to dry skin, but it was thick. I rather a lighter cream for me. Especially for the daytime under a foundation, I don't like wearing anything heavy on my skin at all.
Hi Marci! It sounds like the Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream will really work for you! Please stop back and let me know if you give it a try.
My eyes are so dry and sensitive; I like the idea of using an eye balm, instead of a cream.
Steffy - You will love this eye balm. My eyes are dry, but I cannot use anything too heavy or I get milia. The Kiehl's Eye Balm has worked really well for me. It hydrates my eye area while not being too heavy at all.
Hi! I came to your blog today for the first time! I'm a brazilian reader and absolutly looooove your posts! your products are really cool

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