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Lighting Up the Lips.

One of the coolest products to come along by way of lipgloss has got to be this beauty from Rimmel.


Rimmel Underground Light Beam After Dark Lipgloss. Not only is this is pretty lipgloss (I use Spotlight), it has the great taste of bubble gum, comes with it's own mini-mirror on the side, but this baby sports a bright, white light. A light beam, if you will, to help you see where you are putting your gloss on. Too cool!

Reader Comments (3)

I love the idea of having a light and mirror on the product you are trying to apply. Takes the guess work from putting it on in the dark!

I wonder if they will come out with a lighted compact as well? It would make a great gift set.

What a great idea! Makes putting on your lips in the dark corner of a restaurant much easier. I want one!

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