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L’Oréal Paris EverCrème Collection.

L’Oréal Paris has another addition to their Sulfate-Free Moisture System, and I am really excited about this one. This one is called the EverCrème Collection. Not only does it seem made for me and my dry brittle hair, but the collection introduces the first Cleansing Conditioner to hit the mass market. Say goodbye to spending so much money on WEN ladies; the alternative is here.

This seven-piece haircare line is free of heavy waxes, which can weigh hair down, and features the first Sulfate-Free Moisture System™ which relies on gentler, naturally-derived cleansers. Simply said, dry hair experiences triple action hydration thanks to a blend of botanical oils that treats and smoothes hair’s surface while wrapping, reinforcing and conditioning every strand for the ultimate in silky soft locks.

In addition to being free of sulfates (which can be drying and leave hair lifeless and dull), EverCrème is also free of heavy waxes that can coat hair and weigh it down. By relying on gentle, natural ingredients, EverCrème harnesses the moisture that is already found in hair. EverCrème, contains a blend of three botanical oils rich in Omega 3-6 – Camellina Oil, Apricot Oil and Grapeseed Oil, to provide triple action moisturization without coating the hair’s fiber:

  • Camelina Oil – Treats and smoothes the surface of the hair
  • Apricot Oil – Penetrates the hair fiber (vs. just the surface) 
  • Grapeseed Oil – Treats both the surface of the hair AND penetrates the hair fiber 

The collection:

EverCrème Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner - $6.99 each
Made for more normal to dry hair, this duo gently cleanses and conditions to restore lost moisture to dry hair. It leaves hair healthy looking with bounce and manageability.

EverCrème Intense Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner - $6.99 each
For very dry hair, this duo cleanses and deeply conditions to intensely restore rich moisture to very dry hair. It leaves hair manageable, healthy and full of bounce.

EverCrème Deep Nourishing Masque - $8.99
This intensive rich treatment deeply hydrates and restores moisture to dry hair. The masque’s silkening formula wraps each strand with intense hydration – transforming dry, brittle hair to silky-soft and manageable tresses. Use it once a week to restore life to your hair.

EverCrème Nourishing Leave-In Spray - $8.99 

This nutrient-rich treatment nourishes hair and restores lost moisture. The leave-in spray’s conditioning formula instantly detangles and softens hair, leaving it shiny, healthy and perfectly manageable without the weigh-down.

My daughter has very long, very wavy, super thick and dry, almost coarse hair. She is so thrilled in using the Intense Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Leave-In Treatment and Masque, that she has given up talking about having her hair chemically straightened. To me, that speaks volumes. I will admit, her hair is looking better than it has in a long time, and she claims it is so much easier to manage.

EverCrème Cleansing Conditioner - $6.99
This first-to-mass low lather cleansing conditioner acts as a shampoo and deep conditioner in one, so consumers can experience the latest prestige trend in achieving healthy and hydrated hair the natural way. Ideal for women with thick, curly or very dry hair, this product gently cleanses and deeply hydrates without weighing hair down. I am so excited about this and like it so much, that I have its' own review posting later today.

Look for the L’Oréal Paris EverCrème Collection in drugstores and mass retailers in stores now.

Reader Comments (2)

I have been curious about Wen for a long time, but could never bring myself to spend that kind of money on so little product! When I saw this, I had to give it a shot! I figured, if I hate it, I'm only out $6. I got it last week and have used it 3 times now.

I have baby fine, stick straight hair, but quite a bit of it. I do color it, but no bleaching here. I tried using a normal amount, a little more, and then a whole ton, trying to see if I could get this to work for me. Don't think I succeeded :( I feel like it left my hair very tangle-prone and it felt greasy, though it didn't look greasy! My hair did seem to style easier though, so that was a plus! Also, my hair does feel soft, but then again, it usually does, but at least it didn't make it worse!

Overall, I think that the idea is great, but may be better suited to people with very damaged, curly, or coarse hair than me and my baby-haired sisters. Can't wait to read your review on it and see what you think!
At least you gave it a shot, Lacey. I have baby fine hair too, but it is very dry, over-processed and fizzes like no ones business. I can say that my hair has gotten much better since using it. I also really think that you need to use this everyday to see the full results. If you only use it every few days and are still mixing it up with a shampoo, you will need get the true benefits of any cleansing conditioner.

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