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L’Oréal Paris Project Runway Collection.

The L’Oréal Paris Project Runway Collection is here. I have not seen it in any of my local stores yet, but I am told that shelves are being stocked as we speak. It should be available the beginning of October wherever L’Oréal Paris is sold. Let me just say this - I love it. You will love it. I CANNOT wait to see it in person, because the product images had me instantly.

The entire collection is called “Colors Take Flight”. It is a very limited-edition collection that contains four palettes (or mini collections, if you will) which are inspired by the captivating colors of exotic birds. Thinking back on the S/S 2012 Project Runway Fashion Show, all I can say that it fits the overall tone.

If you watch the show, you may have noticed L’Oréal Paris Consulting Makeup Artist and Project Runway featured artist Collier Strong. He helped to develop this collection. I am in awe of his creativity with the new and stunning shade ranges, rich textures and the tools that create the distinctly different makeup looks.

Inspired by the Cockatoo, the Owl, the Raven and the Amazon Parrot, these four cosmetics sets bring runway-inspired beauty to new heights.

The Charming Cockatoo

For a sophisticated, sultry look, create a blue metallic eye and deep burgundy lip that is both modern and romantic.

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Quad – Charming Cockatoo’s Gaze ($8.95)
Super-Blendable Blush – Charming Cockatoo’s Blush ($9.95)
Colour Riche Lipcolour – Charming Cockatoo’s Pout ($8.95)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Charming Cockatoo’s Wisdom ($4.99)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Charming Cockatoo’s Mystery ($4.99)

The Watchful Owl 

For a glamorous look, create the perfect red lip and a brown metallic eye that flatters all skin tones.

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Quad – Watchful Owl’s Gaze ($8.95)
Super-Blendable Blush – Watchful Owl’s Blush ($9.95)
Colour Riche Lipcolour – Watchful Owl’s Pout ($8.95)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Watchful Owl’s Night ($4.99)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Watchful Owl’s Lust ($4.99)

The Audacious Amazon 

For an avant-garde look, create upbeat, bright features with a fun, playful color palette designed to be used either alone or together.

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Quad – Audacious Amazon’s Gaze ($8.95)
Super-Blendable Blush – Audacious Amazon’s Blush ($9.95)
Colour Riche Lipcolour – Audacious Amazon’s Pout ($8.95)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Audacious Amazon’s Flare ($4.99)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Audacious Amazon’s Flash ($4.99)

The Sultry Raven    

For a dramatic look, create a smoky eye and neutral lip that brings out your inner seductress.

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Quad  – Sultry Raven’s Gaze ($8.95)
Super-Blendable Blush – Sultry Raven’s Blush ($9.95)
Colour Riche Lipcolour – Sultry Raven’s Pout ($8.95)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Sultry Raven’s Dream ($4.99)
Pro Manicure Nail Color – Sultry Raven’s Strength ($4.99)

The L’Oréal Paris and Project Runway “Colors Take Flight” collection will be available beginning in October, like I said, but only while supplies last.  Look for it at ULTA locations, drugstores and mass market retailers nationwide.



Reader Comments (8)

This collection looks so fun and perfect for fall! I will be picking up these goodies at ULTA today. Thanks for sharing :)
I loved it . I already bought two eye shadow pallettes!
Trina - I cannot wait to try them. Did you see them at Ulta yet?
Yay, Bella! I am so excited to hear that you found these in store. Do you mind if I ask where you found them? I am about to breakdown and order them online!
Wow, I am all over that Sultry Raven lipstick. This is such a different look for them. Not sure if I'm a fan of the packaging. What happened to brand identity, people?
The Sultry Raven lipstick is beautiful, isn't it.

On the packaging note, I think it is fine with the Project Runway logo. It's a collaboration, and I honestly rather more time be spent on the products than packaging.
Bought the entire collection of Charming Cockatoo. Love the eyeshaow, love the blush. The lipstick had to go back. It was just too dark and did not look at all the the color the model was wearing in the ad above the products. The darker brown nail polish is a nice color but a very thin sheer color. I use it on my toes and have to apply three coats to get the true color. I just purchsed the Raven's pout lip lip color and think that it is a nice color. I m not used to wearing nude colors. I'll see if I get used to it. Overall I love Loreal products.
Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the collection. I have yet to see any of the products in person :( At one of my local CVS stores, they have the displays out, but only Voluminous mascara filled in in a few of the spots. They must be waiting for the products still.

I love nude colors and I really hope I can try Raven's pout. Gosh, I hope it gets to my stores soon.

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