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L’Oréal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator.


I have another new BB Cream to tell you about. It's also another BB Cream from L’Oréal Paris. Do you remember the L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream I told you about earlier this summer? Same brand, different line. Dare I even say I like this L’Oréal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator even more? I have to, because I do. It simply makes my skin glow.

L’Oréal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator

Being that this is actually part of the Youth Code skin care line, it was made with the skin care benefits in mind first, coverage second. But don't let that deter you, because the both the skin care benefits and coverage are awesome.

This BB Cream, like all BB Creams is an all-in one skincare solution. I usually still layer a BB Cream over my serum and day creams. This is the first BB Cream that I can truly wear on it's own. It helps to correct, protect and really moisturize my skin. Not to mention what it does to illuminate and perfect my skin. In one step, my skin is hydrated and luminous skin. With light-reflecting particles and a hint of tint, this adds instant luminosity, while visibly improving my uneven skin tone.  It is super soft and creamy, and spreads easily over skin with my fingers. I use less than what I do with others too. It's almost like a concentrated version, but I think it is just because of the nice slip to it.

L’Oréal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator just comes in a light and medium shade. I am using the medium shade now and will definitely be picking up the light shade for use in the winter.  If you have an in-between shade, feel fee to buy them both and mix. At just $16.99 a tube, you will have your own customized blend. It's actually a great bargain at $16.99 for the luxe feel, so I wouldn't blink at having to purchase both shades, which I may have to do in between seasons.

Just some of the ingredients that help make this so great:

Vitamin B3 - Skin-brightening ingredient
Vitamin CG - Active antioxidant to help brighten skin
Pro-Cysteine - Antioxidant that works to protect skin from daily exposure to environmental aggressions
Chestnut Seed Extract (Recoverine) - Promotes natural skin exfoliation
Bismuth Oxichloride - Provides an immediate lightening effect

The only very small problem that I have pretty much gotten over (so it really isn't that big of a deal) is the scent. My nose it just too over-sensitive, and this is scented. It fades after an hour or so, but I do need to mention this for those that don't like scented creams or makeup on their skin.

Look for L’Oréal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator at your drugstore or favorite mass retailer now.

Reader Comments (8)

I keep wondering about these BB Creams and think I need to finally give in a try one. I really like L'Oreal so this will be my venture into this wonderful new category of products.
Illuminate, hydrate and coverage? Count me in! Youth Code eye cream has really helped my eyes and lessened the wrinkles around them big time. I can't wait to try this.
Great article. Sounds like a nice product.
SO would you use this over your skin care or in place of it? I use the Youth code skin care now.
I wish you the best. You try so many things for us and I want to thank you for how wonderful you have helped me.
I really like the Magic Skin Beautifier. It is one of the coolest products I ever used. Who knew that you could put it on white and watch it turn right before your eyes. It is almost like it was made for me. I think I might this one too because I love that candlelit glow look, but I think I'll get one for my older sister and maybe just try it and stay with the one I like. I wish there were more shades of this one too.
The packaging of this Loreal product is really enticing! You can really see how good the product is.. Good information by the way..
Great post! I am actually doing some research for my first BB cream at the moment, and this sounds like it could be good...

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