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MAC Cosmetics - Matte Squared (Matte2)

Pure pigment finely milled into a pressed powder. This is MAC Cosmetics Matte Squared ( Matte2 ). These shadows just arrived at your MAC Counter and at, of course. 


So glad that matte is back, and that these shadows are going to become part of MAC's permanent line. I will watching as the collection grows and grows. Matte Squared shadows are long-wearing, silky smooth, and glide on like a dream.

Right now there are the 16 shades pictured above, and each one retails for $14.00 

Reader Comments (7)

I really like this new MAC matte line! I don't use MAC skincare but their eyeshadows are excellent! Fig is something I would try!

Greatnew MAC matte shades! Don't use MAC skincare products but love their eyeshadows and these are very nice.

I'm so unsure about matte shadows. Sometimes I think they look best, while other times I actually think they make people look older. Of course, I'll still end up with some regardless!

I really love MAC eye shadows, because they are so highly pigmented. However, I am most excited to try these since they are matte and don't have any shine.

These look gorgeous, and also as if they'd last forever.

Hi! I am so excited about the MAC shadows too! I have yet to try any MAC products. I think I will be buying some for Christmas though. Thanks for the info!


Wow! These new MAC shadows are delightful!

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