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MAC Naturally.

There is nothing better than a natural collection in my book. Let's face it. Natural is not what you think of when looking at MAC Cosmetics, but they can surprise. Surprise and delight they did with their latest collection just launched called simply, MAC Naturally.

Not only are the colors all in the natural and neutral tones, a few have some added natural ingredients in them.

Hey, Nature Girl! For a look that is simple, sensuous and understatedly sexy, here are nothing-to-hide hues that make you look fresh, relaxed, gloriously “undone.” Brilliantly sheer, high-mineral Skinfinish make your look fresh-as-the-sun radiant. Lipsticks and Lipglasses lushly tinted to reflect the wholesome. Eye Pencils with a touch of jojoba, mango and meadowfoam seed oils.  M·A·C, Naturally is just what you need to do your own thing and keep your look, dreamily, down to earth…

Take a look at all of the natural beauty. Stay tuned for some actual product photos from the collection this afternoon.

Mineralize Skinfinish - $28.00

  • Redhead Gold to Salmon Pink Degrade
  • Blonde Soft Pink to Rose Degrade

Mineralize Blush - $22.00

  • Subtle Breeze Blue pink
  • Fresh Honey Warm apricot
  • Early Morning Peachy pink

Mineralize Eyeshadow - $20.00

  • Daylight Peach with dirty blue lavender veining
  • In The Sun Gold with violet veining
  • Summer Haze Palest gold with deeper gold veining
  • Cloudy Afternoon Cream with gold,grey and pink veining
  • Twilight Falls Cool brown with bronze veining

Eye Pencil - $14.00

  • Ebony Soft black
  • Coffee Muted brown

Zoom Fast Black Lash - $15.00

  • Zoom Fast Black Lash Carbon black

Lipstick - $14.50

  • A Perfect Day Light neutral pink (amplified)
  • Beach Sand Light tan (cremesheen)
  • Sweet Sunrise Light neutral peach pink (lustre)
  • Pillow Talk Mid-tone rosy nude (cremesheen)

Lipglass - $14.50

  • The Wee Coquette Naked neutral pink
  • Fresh Air Light pink
  • Naked Space Creamy mid-tone nude peach
  • Hot Spell Bronze with multicoloured pearl


  • 187 Duo Fibre Face - $42.00
  • 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending - $30.00

MAC Naturally launched last week, so you will find it at all MAC counters and online at now.

Reader Comments (8)

I am going to have a problem with this one, because I want all of the lipsticks and glossess. No matter how I do my makeup, I always do a more nude or natural lip The natural looks I could make with these could be endless and more importantly so pretty. I guess I better go through some of my old mac items to at least get the lipsticks with their recycling (back 2 mac) program.
Wow, the MSF looks gorgeous. I'm sort of golden blonde with lot's of bright highlights, but the redhead one looks more like my coloring. Going to have to look at it in person. Great post - thanks.
Love this launch! Checked it out in stores yesterday. The Daylight is create to add a wash of color onto your lids especially when paired with a lush mascara like Zoom lash.
Hi Evie - I think might have the same problem - I love all of the lip shades and I too most often do a more natural looking lip.
Kelley - I am also a light golden blonde, but I will say that the Blonde MSF gives me a very light pink glow to my skin, while the Redhead gives me more of just a glow. They are both nice and I can see why you might be drawn to the Redhead as it does look more natural, but take a look at the Blonde, because I think you just might be surprised.
Hi Trina - I don't have Daylight, but that it one that I do really want. What could be more simple then adding a sheer wash of natural shading to the lid for an everyday or no makeup look?
I think I want it all, ha, ha. Finally a Mac collection for us who like to keep it simple - yeah!!!
I can't wait to see the photos of the products. I think I will LOVE this collection. I had loads of compliments on my MAC Skin Finish over the holidays and some of this collection looks so similar to that product.

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