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M·A·C Painterly: Paint Pot Eyeshadow.

They are here, in my hands, and I love them. M·A·C Painterly Pot Eye Shadows have such a wonderful texture, smoothing right over the eyelid. They never crease, and provide a beautiful wash of color. I even tried a few as eyeliners, and they work very well for that purpose too. Couple that with the fact that is 102 degrees here, with 97% humidity, my eye makeup is looking stunning - not melting away, whatsoever!


Top row, left to right: Greenstroke, Groundwork, Indianwood, Moss Scape, Painterly, Rubenesque.
Bottom row, left to right: Artifact, Blackground, Bare Study, Constructivist, Delft, Fresco Rose.

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