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Makeup Wars: Favorite Nail Polish for Fall.

The Makeup Wars gals are at again this week with more faves. This time we are talking about our favorite nail polish to wear for fall. We are not necessarily talking about a new fall polish, we are talking about our favorite fall polish, or polishes as in my case.

Being indecisive as I am, I have a number of polishes that I like to wear in the fall and cannot claim one a favorite, though I can claim a favorite color. I love warming up my fall nails with a brown shade, and of course I have a number of them that I like, proving the decision too difficult. I'll surely be wearing all of these this fall, so I am claiming these shades my favorite nail polishes for fall.

You will quickly notice that they are all very similar. Take a look at the polishes that make up my favorites.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer Foie Gras - $7.00
This is a creamy brown with a slight purple tint to it. It was part of the limited Hunger Games collection, so I am not sure if it is still readily available. Quickly looking online, it shows that is for sale at Sally's Beauty Supply for just $1.50. I'm guessing that is a small bottle.

MAC Nail Lacquer Coffee Break - $16.00
This is described as a mid-tone taupe. I find it to be more brown than taupe, and very creamy. It is part of the new permanent line of nail lacquers, so this one will be around for a long time.

CHANEL Nail Colour Khaki Rose - $26.00
This a rose warmed darker shade of brown. It was a limited edition release for Fashion's Night Out in fall of 2010, so you will not find it readily available, unless you can maybe snag one at auction. I had received one as a press sample and knew I was in love. I bought two more bottles and hope to use them for a very long time.  I think this shade was on my toes all fall and winter of 2010 and 2011. I guess I probably could have claimed this one my very favorite.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Cocoa Suede - $18.00
This creamy chocolate brown is part of the Laura Mercier fall Cinema Noir collection. It is the darkest out of all the shades here. If you ever dreamed of a "Hershey bar" Brown, this is it.

Julep Nail Color Heather - $14.00
Described as a platinum greige with a metallic glow, this is the frosted brown shade that I really am fond of. Much lighter and obviously more frosted than the others, it is still somewhat in the same color family. Even though I most often wear creamy or lightly shimmered shades, out of all brown shades I tried, this is my favorite more frosted version.

Now, I am really bad at painting my own nails, and trying to photograph them is not easy either.  I guess that's why I bring my favorite polish to the salon to have my nails painted. So, please forgive the messiness in the photo below. I felt it important to show you how they looked on nails, even as messy as it is.


Need more fall nail inspiration? Check out the other fall favorites among the group.

Reader Comments (14)

Oooh! I love taupey brown shades in polish! I might go pick up Foie Gras!
Khaki Rose is on my list of MAJOR LEMMINGS! AHHHHH! These are some awesome colors, love them all!
Funny you have so many shades like this and I have NONE! I will have to fix that. ;-)
I have worn Khaki Rose since it came out almost 2 yrs ago. I have already gone through 2 1/2 bottles and keep scouring ebay for more. I need to find a really good dupe!
I can see why you like this color range so much, it looks fab on you!
We have similar taste. I love warm browns for fall and winter, sometime even spring too; it goes with everything.
I like Heather!
I don't own any of these. I need to rectify that. These really do say fall.
Beautiful fall browns!
What a nice selection of browns. Lovely!
Heather is totally in style right now. I just bought some Zoya the other day and absolutely LOVE it!
Laura Mercier Cocoa Suede was a close second for me!
Coffee Break is my favorite!
Thanks for all the comments ladies! I am so behind and wish I could have responded individually last week!

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