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Makeup Wars: My Makeup Storage.

As a beauty blogger and someone who is simply pretty much obsessed with beauty products, I have a lot of products. I am fortunate to do what I do and test a lot of makeup, skin care and hair care items, but it can be overwhelming. Luckily, I have a teenaged daughter with a lot of friends, a sister who is just as addicted to beauty as me, and quite a few friends and family members that regularly go through my stash of products. I also make seasonal donations to local women's shelters and donate to events, etc.. Even with all these hands in my stash, I accumulate a lot.

At times, all these beauty products can seemingly take over my house. I had come up with a system of organizing that works for me. It is not a pretty system. It is not for anyone to see. I like to think of it as organized chaos, actually. While I really don't know where any one thing is, I sort of have an idea of where it may be.

Beauty Blogger Makeup Organization Tips

When I receive products, I unload them onto shelves in my home office. These are the newest of my beauty products; they have either recently been reviewed or need to be reviewed. I clean out these shelves about every month.

From those shelves in my home office, products make their way into a large armoire that I have in my bedroom. Seasonal products or favorites that I may pull out on a regular basis go on the top shelf in bins. I have one bin for lips, eyes, face and skin. Products that need more organizing or storing go into a set of large plastic drawers that I keep in the armoire. I have one unit for department store brands and another for drugstore and mass brands. I label the shelves, again for lips, eye, face and skin. My larger products and sets, products that aren't so easily stored are just thrown in here in front too. These are products I will probably be needing or using soon. Items such as razors, shampoo, body creams and such like to hang out here.

Makeup Organization

I try to do a major reorganization each quarter. This is when I toss old products and put together boxes to donate. As I do this, I fill up drawers in these two lingerie dressers.

Makeup Organization Drawers

These dressers have a lot of smaller sized drawers that are perfect for storing makeup. Because I have many more drawers, I can further separate and organize more. Here I have a drawer for things such as my all time favorite MAC lip products, the eyeshadow palettes I use often, or just a random drawer of lippies.

Beautiful Makeup Search Makeup Organization: Favorite MAC Lip Products

Beautiful Makeup Search Makeup Organization: Most Used Eye Palettes

Beautiful Makeup Search Makeup Organization: Lippie Drawer

I told you it wasn't pretty, but for now, my beauty stash organization works well for me.

I can't wait to see how the rest of my beauty blogger friends store their stash of beauty products too.

Reader Comments (23)

I adore those lingerie dressers! Gorgeous!
So much makeup and beauty products. I wish I had your organization problems.
I am very jealous of all of your makeup, but I think your organization is smart. I like how you have all those tall drawers and can organize and get what you need. I have a lot of nail polish and lipstick and might do something similar for brands and colors.
I love your matching white cabinets!
The lingerie dressers are genius. I never saw the point of those for lingerie, as I don't own enough to justify its own cabinet. But for makeup... perfection!
Lingerie armoires are so perfect for storing makeup, plus they're pretty, too! You've got a good system down!
Brooke - Thanks. I didn't buy them for this purpose, but once I ran out of room I had to take them over.
Rachel - It really can be a problem, believe it or now, especially with my husbands thinking I have too much ;)
Soma - I would love to hear how you organize your nail polish and lipstick!
Phyrra - thanks! They are definitely pieces of furniture that I never thought of using.
All Lacquered Up - My thoughts exactly. I bought them because they matched my armoire and never planned on using them for makeup, but it turned out so well.
Nancy - Thanks! I am forever running out of room though. Such problems - ha!
I know you have a lot of stuff but it really must be a pain to organize it all and keep track of everything. I dream of having drawers for different seasons or colors, but I'd probably never do it. I have a few of those big plastic bins for all my beauty stuff too. I like that you hid them away because let's facw it, they are not pretty!
Maura - Ooh, I like your idea of organizing by season. That is SMART!
I like that you use your armoire for the storage. I have a charity coming next week to pick things up and my first task is to clean my armoire so I can store less used products. It is amazing how much we can collect without realizing it.
It certainly is hard to organize and store a large collection. Those lingerie dressers are adorable and just perfect for beauty storage! :)
I need something to put "recent" items in to in my office like you have!
Love those sweet lingerie drawers!
Those lingerie dressers are too fab!
I so envy your stash! And I'm sure those who gets to visit your home office are fairly amused like the most of us. Awesome collection :)
Where did you get these dressers from? I love them!
Where did you find the lingerie dressers???
Where did you get the lingerie dressers? They are lovely!!

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