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Makeup Wars: My Wish List.

This week it is all about me. Well, it is about us girls in Makeup Wars.

I am constantly writing about what I think are great gifts, and no one ever asks me what I want for Christmas.  So I have taken it upon myself to tell you exactly what is on my Wish List. I seriously want all of these items. I realize a few of these beauties have no chance of ever being under my tree. I suppose that is why it is called a wish list.

I am wishing hard for all of these beauty gifts.

1. Burberry Signature Collection Lip Glow Set

I have never - as in ever - used anything from Burberry beauty and I think it is about time that I had. I know I cannot go wrong with a gloss, so this wearable set of three beautiful "Lip Glow's" are high on my list. The set includes three signature shades; Tea Rose, Cameo and Nude Beige. $65.00


2. philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance Layering Collection

I ask for and luckily receive an Amazing Grace set every year. It is my scent of choice, as I am not a fan of fragrance. My husband gets bad headaches from perfume, but this doesn't bother him, so I stick with it. I am wishing for this set under the tree this year. It contains a fragrance, shower gel and body butter. $49.50


3. Dior Holiday Lip & Eye Palette

These beautiful palettes are sold separately, but I want them both. I buy a lot of items over the year, but I always hesitate when it comes to more luxurious makeup items because I just have so much. I spied this at Nordstrom and almost bought them both. I haven't been able to get either out of my mind since. The Holiday Eye Palette Set contains three satin and shimmering nude and brown shadows, a mini Eyeliner, a Serum-infused Primer and a New Look mini mascara. $65.00 The Holiday Lip Palette includes a Lip Balm, Lip Maximizer, three Rouge Dior Lipsticks and a mini Lip Pencil. $62.00


4. La Mer The Collection Gift Set

I have a small amount of cream left in my jar of Creme de la Mer that I really need to replenish. I love the way my skin feels when I use these three products together and think I deserve to have this gift to get my skin back to feeling its best. The Collection includes an Eye Concentrate, Regenerating Serum and a jar of Creme de la Mer. $285.00


5. Bobbi Brown 2012 Beauty Trunk

Every year, Bobbi Brown has a beautiful train case that is filled with everything for the ultimate Bobbi look. The case is filled with a selection of her best makeup, tools and skin care. I have lusted over these sets for years. A few years ago, my sister-in-law was lucky enough to have one of the yearly train cases under her tree; she absolutely loved it. Of course it was my suggestion, and I have wanted one for myself ever since. $1,000.00

Be sure to check out what the other bloggers have on their Holiday wishlists too.

Reader Comments (19)

Great list. I'd die for the BB case too.
That Bobbi Brown trunk really is killing me. I think I need to get it!
That Bobbi Brown trunk is CRAZY! Love it!
Now here is another list I could really enjoy! The Dior palettes were really close to going on my list too! You can't go wrong with lip gloss either! Love the list!
Wow, a lot of people like that BB trunk!
Ditto on the BB trunk! And I really need to try some of the Burberry makeup - it's been tempting me ever since it was released!
Annie - It is a dream!

Christine - The BB trunk is what wishes are made of for beauty bloggers, isn't it?

Pink Sith - Thanks. I still have my Sephora VIB bucks and I'm heading out to shop tomorrow (hope they are still good!) I have a feeling I'll be buying both Dior palettes!

Phyrra - It is so luxe... a real wish.

Paula - I can't believe we haven't tried it yet. Let's get on that next year!
The BB trunk again! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Also, Burberry FTW! Love.
It is full of awesome, Brooke. That's why it is on so many lists. Ha!
Awesome wish list. Why doesn't anyone ever ask me for mine either?
You & I are so similar! I love the Amazing Grace fragrance and that La Mer Set...seriously thought about adding that to my list! As always, great picks!
That Dior eye and lip set looks niiiiice. Why haven't I tried any of their eye palettes yet? Yeah, I suck.
Nancy - Thanks! Let's just say that we have great taste.

Brittany - You don't suck AT ALL, but you do need to try a Dior Eye Palette and soon. Their shadows are some of my favorites.
I love how almost everyone has the Bobbi Brown or MUFE kits - they really are something amazing.
I once got a LaMer set like that and loved every minute of using it.
Oooooh! I just swooned a little when I saw that Bobbi Brown makeup trunk! To die for!!! The Dior Palettes look amazing as well...and the Burberry glosses, etc! You have great taste!
I forgot how much I wanted that Dior eye palette!!!
That Burberry set looks awesome! and I want the Dior too!!!
Pammy - thanks! I love expensive makeup, that is for sure.

Carleen - I cheated and ordered the Dior Eye Palette tonight!
Gosh you have great taste. I'd die fro one of those Bobbi Brown beauty sets. $1,000?!?

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