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Makeup Wars: New Year Beauty Resolutions.

This week, us Makeup Wars gals are talking our New Year Resolutions - beauty style, of course. I am the first to admit that I need to practice what I preach. This year, I have few things I resolve to do when it comes to my beauty routine.

Use sunscreen on my entire body, everyday.

I know the importance of sunscreen, but I get lazy about it. I use it on my face every day, and have recently been bringing it down to cover my neck and chest. It is not enough. I need to slather it over my entire body, everyday. I believe that sunscreen can do so much to prevent the look of aging; I wish I realized it sooner.

Use body lotion on my entire body, twice a day.

My skin is so overly dry that in some places it hurts. I have a thing about body moisturizer though. I HATE the way it feels, especially when it is cold. I may claim to use it everyday, but I'll be honest - I don't. I need to use it not just after the shower, I need to slather it on before I go to bed too. If I could come up with some way to keep my lotion warm (without compromising the formula) it would be easier. I am seriously considering buying a baby wipe warmer and putting my makeup removing wipes and body lotion in there to help.

The easy things you can change in your beauty routine for a better you in the new year!

Stick to my nighttime beauty routine.

I have been very good about taking my makeup off every night before bed. Years ago, I never did. Gross! But I made a resolution one year, and have stuck with it. Thank goodness for makeup removing wipes for when I almost forget. But that brings up my next point. If it is early enough in the evening, I properly use makeup removing wipes, cleanser and then follow with my nighttime routine. But that is probably only three to four nights a week. Those other nights I just remove my makeup with a wipe and slap on night cream. I am neglecting my Retin-A routine and other powerful serums and creams I have. I am going to make it a point to go upstairs and do my routine earlier in the evening, so I don't get to the point where it is too late to begin with. I mean, if I know I am in for the night by 8PM, then why don't I just do it then instead of midnight after I have fallen asleep on the couch?

Use makeup primer.

It is one of the most important steps in applying makeup, but it is one that I rarely do. Ugh. What is with me? If I am going to a special event, I always put on primer. In my every day life, I rarely do. It makes such a difference. I always feel so rushed when doing my makeup and maybe that is why I forget this important step. But it would save me so much time in the long run as I won't be having to touch up. I am going to think of it as part of my skin care routine and not my makeup routine, as I make it an everyday must.

Accept myself for who I am.

This is probably the hardest thing to do. I always want to change something about myself - striving for what sort of perfection I will never know. It never gets easy. I was recently reminded of how accepting that I need to be of myself when I was asked to be shot for a national ad campaign celebrating women - all shapes, colors, sizes. You know the ad; celebrating the beauty within. I used the excuse that it was too close to Christmas and I couldn't do it. The real reason was because I was going to be shot in a white tank top and I was uncomfortable with that. I need to get over this and finally find some sort of acceptance. It is so hard, especially as I am constantly try new anti-aging products so that I look "younger"; the latest makeup so that I look "prettier"; and different diets so that I am "skinnier". I am me and there is nothing I can do except change the way I feel about myself in my head and heart.

Check out the rest of the girls and their beauty resolutions.

Reader Comments (15)

Hi Teri,
Good goals! I made a goal of applying body lotion at least once a day. I hate applying lotion but I am pleding to do it and so far so good. Ready for TMI? I have athletes foot which is funny because even though I work out semi regularly I am SO not an athlete but there it is on my left foot! I have applied some CVS anti fungal cream for the last several days and there is a dramatic difference already! If only beauty potions worked that quickly!

Thanks for the post, I read your blog every day!

Happy New Year to you!
I love them all, but especially the last one! I am going to adopt that for myself as well this year <3
Great resolutions! I need to follow the sunscreen rule too. I use it in the summer and once in a while I have a moisturizer that has the SPF benefit, but I am not consistent. I am sure it would make an overall difference.
Great resolutions. I need to apply sunscreen AND my skincare to my neck and chest everyday too! I am so bad at not doing this. I think it's because I'm cheap and stingy. LOL
Yay for primer! It's great you're going to use it :)
I especially love your last goal! Accepting ourselves really is the key! :) Very inspirational!!!
These are all reasonable, and you will just need to be consistent. Your last one had me almost in tears. I have struggled with self acceptance and finally think this way. Think of what you have accomplished and what you mean to people. Think off all the good on the inside and just continue to be the great person you are! By the way, I think you are beautiful!
I am terrible at applying lotion. I even keep it in the shower, to remind myself and I still never do it. Yet it doesn't stop me from complaining about dry skin..... :-)
Great resolutions! I resolved not to make any this year and am just trying to be better to myself.
I think your resolutions are terrific. I have the same skincare one as you do since I don't really want to use wipes, I want to cleanse better and have time to do all the products I should be using at night rather than just a few.
You are so beautiful that I can't believe that you have self-acceptance issues, it makes me feel better about myself to read this.
Good goals, especially with sunscreen. Don't get lazy on that one!!!!
Thanks for all the comments ladies! I am hoping I can stick to them once and for all.
Wow, great resolutions Teri! I am with you on the nighttime routine!
Wonderful resolutions, esp. the last one. I wonder if we ever get to the point/age where there aren't insecurities? And for the record, you are absolutely beautiful, inside AND "self improvement" needed!
I need to use lotion every day too, that's a great idea! I use it right after a shower, but not otherwise. It's so cold that I just can't do it to myself.

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