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Must Haves for Life's Little Moments.

This is a sponsored post for Socialstars to talk about my experience with Poise Microliners. #SAMInYourPants. All opinions are my own.

I love a girls day out with my friends. The older I get, the harder they are to come by. They are usually planned out months in advanced because we are all quite busy. My friends and I definitely make the most of our girls days out with a busy shopping day and a long lunch with a lot of catching up. The day is not the only thing I plan. Of course I plan everything -- from my outfit down to the lipstick and everything in between. There is one thing that I have learned through years of being an organizational freak and other planned days like this - I plan for life's little moments. I pack a little bag of goodies to take with me that help get me through the day.

Essentials for Life's Little Moments including Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPantsEssentials for Life's Little Moments including Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPants

My little bag of goodies is filled with lipgloss, concealer, blotting papers, ibuprofen, Poise Microliners and my iPad Mini.

Must Haves for Life's Little Moments include Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPantsMust Haves for Life's Little Moments include Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPants

Of course I need to bring a lipgloss with me to reapply after lunch or as needed. CHANEL's Glossimer in Happy is perfect for the occasion. Obviously, I always bring a concealer to touch up as needed, but it is needed here more as I will definitely need to reapply and hide mascara streaks that will undoubtedly be running down my face. Crying from laughter always takes place during lunch, well, pretty much all throughout the day when I'm with my friends. Whether we are looking through photos on my iPad or just catching up, my friends and I laugh until we cry. COVERGIRL truBlend FIXSTICK Concealer is so easy to carry around and great to touch up with. Laughing so hard causes something else that we may not want to talk about, but it happens. It is called LBL or light bladder leakage. I'm sure if you are around my age (mid 40's) or have given birth to a few children (I have four), then you know what LBL is. There is no way around it, well except to be prepared. That is why I wear Poise Microliners on my girls day out and that's why they are in my little bag of goodies too. Knowing that I have them to depend on in situations like this makes me not want to miss out on life's little moments. I also carry ibuprofen, just in case too much laughing and not enough hydration causes me to get a headache. Finally, my bag includes blotting papers. I like Boscia Blotting Papers for the best in oil absorption, but more importantly sweat absorption. Also being of this age, I swear I perspire more than anyone I know, and these wipe the little beads of sweat away from my forehead and upper lip while never messing up my makeup.

You can get your very own free sample of Poise Microliners too. To get your free sample, simply head over to to get one to try now.

Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPantsPoise Microliners #SAMInYourPants

What do you do to prepare for life's little moments... do you have anything special that you carry in your little  bag?

Reader Comments (7)

I'm laughing a bit at your post but I do carry concealer and gloss with me. I need some blotting papers instead of powder becasue I hate powder and it really doesn't work for me except give me too much of a one color look. I'm going to look for these Boscia things.
I thought I was the only that carried my iPad with me everywhere. It is my lifeline to my digital world. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I swear I pull it out and someone needs to use it almost all the time.
I always carry lipstick. My mascara and Bare Minerals makeup stays on for the whole day.
I am a lip gloss junkie...I say about my favorite, C.O. Bigelow, that they put it in the tube as "portion control"...I love that stuff...and after 6 kiddos I to have learned to POISE myself to keep my flaws contained! Great Post
Your secret is safe with me about what you tote around! I never go anywhere without a few secrets in my bag either.
I always have a Poise just in case. That and my lip gloss are never far from me!
I definitely don't go anywhere without lip gloss! It's a must have.

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