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My Favorite Oscars® Looks.


My favorites from last nights Oscars® just happened to be ladies who were the two big winners of the night, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Anne Hathaway won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful in her Dior gown. As the new face of Miss Dior, I figured she would be wearing a Dior gown and makeup - and she did.


Jennifer's hair was done with Dove Haircare products and COVERGIRL Nail Gloss was on her nails. I love the balance of luxury and mass market products. I have the complete "Get the Look" details here: Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars® 2013.

Anne Hathaway got a lot of flack for her dress because of the placement of the darts. She made a last minute dress decision and scrapped her original gown, but I think she went with the right look and looked great in her pink Prada dress.


Anne's makeup was done with mostly CHANEL products, her hair was by Fekkai and her nails were done with a L’Oréal Paris nail color. Again, she wore a mix of luxury and mass that we can all relate to. You get all the "Get the Look" details here: Anne Hathaway at the Oscars® 2013.

Reader Comments (8)

They both look lovely. Jennifer was so sweet when she tripped walking on stage! She handled it gracefully!
Two of my favorite as well. I don't get all the nipple talk amongst those people that are supposedly "in the know". If they were so "in the know" they would "know" that it was the dress. Why do there have to be so many haters? I guess it comes down to jealousy?
The dresses were so similar in color on the girls and I think that they made great choices. I love Anne's hair and makeup - didn't notice the nails but they do look nice. I loved Jennifer's eye makeup look. I pretty much loved her whole look.
Jennifer Lawrence is the best! She looked perfect in every way!!!
Lola -

She is too funny, isn't she. Such a class act with a bit of attitude that I love.
Sally -

I don't know where all the Anne Hathaway hate comes from. I think a lot of it has to do with jealousy.
Kate -

It is funny that they were so similar colors, which I felt looked great on both.
Kayla -

I so agree Kayla! Glad you thought so too.

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