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NARS Matte Multiple.

I am all about double duty products and one of my long time favorite double duty makeup products is the NARS Multiple. I have quite a few in my beauty arsenal. NARS has gone and made the Multiple just a tad better and even more wearable because they have made it matte. Meet the new NARS Matte Multiple.

NARS Matte Multiple

Don't mis-judge the word matte here. The matte formula just means that this does not contain any shimmer or sparkle, meaning that the Matte Multiple can be easily layered with your other makeup products. It is buildable, and what is is more special, is that it can be worn wet or dry. If you want a vibrant effect, apply dry; if you want a sheer, creamy effect, apply wet.

I like to apply to my cheeks wet, but to my lips dry. I rub the stick on the back of my hand, then take my damp Beautyblender sponge and run it over the color and dot and blend over my cheeks. I am loving Laos for its bright pop of rosey coral that it is adding to my cheek. Applying it wet is leaving it sheer and soft.

NARS Matte Multiple=NARS Matte Multiple Laos

For my lips, I apply it with my finger then top with a bit of gloss. The Matte Multiple in Anguilla with a bit of Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Gold Digger on top is gorgeous.

NARS Matte Multiple=The Matte Multiple Anguilla

The Matte Multiple comes in seven shades -- all perfect for spring and summer.

ANGUILLA - Ginger pink
EXUMAS- Pink apricot
SIAM - Poppy red
LAOS - Rose coral
ALTAI - Rose bronze
VIENTIANE - Copper bronze
CAPPADOCE - Golden bronze

The NARS Matte Multiple sells for $39.00 and is available at NARS counters, and Sephora.

Reader Comments (3)

They look like they will be perfect for summer. Do they hold up well during the ay? Do you think they'd be good in summer weather?
These look like they would even br great in place of bronzers, so pretty!
Hello. The original are wonderful makeup sticks. I have Orgasm and Palm Beach and a bronzer like one (can't remember the name) and think the Matte Multiple would be great too, like bronzers sticks too. Might not like for lips in that formula though. Will look for them and find a few colors.

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