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Paul Mitchell Knows the Truth About Curls.

I love a love/hate relationship with my curls. I like them when the weather is dry and I can get a nice wave. I hate them when it is raining, or hot and humid.  That's when I get these kinky little curls underneath my hair and they can make the rest of my hair go "poof!".

Somewhat like Monica from Friends, and her exaggerated hair; no matter how much product I put in this section of my hair, it takes on a life of its own in the humidity.

I'm certainly not alone in my feelings of loving and hating my curls at the same time. Paul Mitchell found this sentiment to be very true when putting together this fun new, The Truth About Curls campaign.

You see, the brand polled a ton of people to find out how they feel about their curls, and they are sharing that information over on The Truth About Curls Facebook page. Be sure to check out and like the page to see it all.  They want your input too. Submit your Curl Confession, and make sure you use the hashtag #curlconfession on all your social media accounts to show it off.

I'll tell you about the new Paul Mitchell Curl's Collection products real soon.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Paul Mitchell.  For more information, please see my disclaimer page.

Reader Comments (12)

I tried to submit mine but the site is down, Facebook is stalling and I think they are all of the samples!!!
I love my curls when they are not frizzy.. The trick it to getting a frizz serum in them before stepping out of the shower. Then towel try. The serum can seal the cuticle. I do want to try these to enhance my curls though. Can't wait to learn about the new products.
I need to know about the new items. I always look for products geared to naturally curly hair. Will be looking for your product post about the new items.
I have been trying to leave a comment and am getting frustrated. This ad keeps falling out of it's place. Please check on that.

As far as these curl products go, I can't wait to try them.
Honey, I look like that crazy pic of Monica most of the time and I'm proud. I do what I can, but sometimes big frizzy hair cannot be contained.
What about us straight haired gals? I can't get a curl to stick if I want to.
Hi Jodie - I am sorry that I just seeing this now, but they did run out of samples pretty quickly.
Stay tuned, Amy! I will be talking about them the beginning of next month. You will like them.

Thanks for the frizz serum tip. You are totally correct about applying it when the hair is still very wet. I actually learned that trick form Harry Josh, the celebrity stylist from John Freida.
HI Pammie! Thanks for the comment. I will tell you all about the new Paul Mitchell Curls Collection on October 1st!
I am SO sorry about that Jennie! I had a few problems with some of the ads earlier this month. They should be resolved by now.
That is too funny, Lauren! I can definitely relate too.
I can relate to you too Abbey! I have curls underneath, waves on the sides, but the top of my hair grows in super straight.

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