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Snowtober Pictures and Updates.

There is nothing beautiful about this, as the major snowstorm that hit the Northeastern United States on October 30, 2011 hit us hard.

I am writing this from a makeshift parking lot about 45 minutes from my home where I have some 3G service.  We are actually here getting gas, and we have about an hour+ wait. We are told we will have no power for 10 - 14 days.  On day five now; this is not pretty.

This picture looks normal for a Massachusetts snowstorm, perhaps.  But this much snow on October 30th? That is when bad things happen.

Trees are down, snapped in half, all over my front and back yard and through a window and skylights in my home.  Driving through neighborhoods, we feel lucky.  We are alive and safe. We will repair our house.

Trying to stay warm at night and get in a hot shower every few days has become like a scavenger hunt to find heat and warmth.  I have a jar of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream with me and an EOS Lip Balm Sphere.  Beside that, I forget what makeup looks like. On Sunday, thinking it wouldn't be so bad with a tiny bit of hot water left to quickly bathe, after air drying my hair I held my curling iron over the fire and was able to curl my hair.  It hasn't mattered much since though.  Life priorities have changed to finding a hot meal, shower (as I said) and gas.

If I can get some power and internet soon, I hope to get back to the business of beauty. Until then, take care and stay warm.

Reader Comments (14)

Oh, (((Teri)))! I hope your power comes back sooner than expected. Just spoke to my f in CT yest - she is fortunate and still has power. She said 2 houses away, there is none. Getting gas for her also means waiting in line, and she said many folks are frantic to find places to recharge their cellphones, and the motels and hotels are full. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Stay warm Teri. It looks terrible out there.
I am in Rhode Island and we did lose power for a few hours.I don't know how I could deal without having power for that long. Best of luck to you. I'll be checking back for your updates. Hopefully you will be back to thinking about beauty in no time.
What is this world coming too. The earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes have been too much this year. Now a snowstorm in October. I am so sorry and am sending out big hugs to you and your family. Stay warm.
Stay safe and warm. How scary. I would be terrified of trees falling around me.. So happy hear no one was hurt.
Whip that power back on - I need my beauty news, haha. really, just take care and we will be here when you get back. xxxxoooo
Best of luck in your search for heat and gas. Let the power gods work hard and get those lights and heat back on for you.
This destination looks awful. Please stay safe. You are in my prayers. You haven't had the best year in the northeast, have you?
My parents live in Connecticut and they are not having a good time roughing it. I cannot even imagine. I wish I didn't live so far away in New Mexico because I would love to help them. They were told that they might have power back next Thursay, on the 10th. That will be over 10 days for them not having power. God bless those who keep the shelters open.
So sorry to hear this happened to you -- glad you are safe though! Stay warm!!
The snow looks so pretty. So sorry that it is so physically uncomfortable and inconvenient.
I feel so bad for you and our family That is devastating. You are in my prayers.
Those are such awesome clear perfect pictures what camera do you use
Whata! Everything looks frozen after that snow storm. And I guess it's not advisable or even safe to go outside and travel on remote roads like what you have on your photos. It's still very dangerous.

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