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So, Where is the Sale?

With the announcement that will cease doing business this month, will they be deeply discounting our favorite products? I doubt it.

If I remember correctly, when I would get a shipment from either or say Bobbi Brown or MAC, for example, they would all come from New Jersey. Maybe this a where a central warehouse is located? SO I am guessing they won't be clearing out their stock like many of the online beauty boutiques do when they are going out of business.

Too bad for us. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about closing if they were giving us some great sales to remember them by!

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I can tell you why Biz close down...

Shopping online for perfumes, colognes or any fragrance can be a puzzling choice for some. Some online shoppers have a favorite online store they religiously return to because they are used to it and it works for them. Others may just click on the first link Google presents for the search word "perfumes" and think since it is the topmost link, it MUST be the best.
The froogle shopper is the hardest to appeal to. If an individual like that was to purchase a fragrance he or she wanted, their first step is to find the availability of the product in question.
Most likely through search engines: The search phrase "perfumes" on Google result in many online perfume stores to choose from. Intelligent people know that the first or even second page results are the "best" ones. They may just have the best ADVERTISING.
When finding the product, they will compare the prices on all the websites that supply it.
Most likely through price comparison sites. Therefore, the froogle shopper will not stop at the first website, but continue researching others for more than one option. Again, the search phrase "perfumes" on Google present websites with price comparison for perfumes they actually sell. The fact they incorporate price comparison with their products gives the froogle shopper a reason to stay with them out of convenience of not going to a price comparison site specifically for its own purpose.
There are many variables that can change peoples mind, but the most important factor would be the price. Yet, some marketing ploys work well to persuade buyers to shop elsewhere. The froogle shopper tends to want to grind a bit more than he can chew.
Discount perfumes, Coupons and reduced shipping costs are crucial ways to change consumer's minds.
Here is an example:
To all who love online shopping, or are too busy to get in a car and drive down to shop at a store, (respectively mothers at home who simply don't have time) wouldn't you like to find a user friendly, reliable, well stocked online store to purchase your favorite perfume or cologne? I bet you do... Now add the fact that this online store provides Free Shipping on all of its products. Just to stress the point, their products number over 7000 genuine designer brand name fragrances.
Imagine finding a fragrance you have wanted for a long time and as it pops up on your screen, you are appalled at the relatively cheap price staring back at you. Adding fuel to the flames, you find out that there is no Shipping fee at all and for the grand finale, you have a coupon to get it on discount because you took the thirty seconds to sign up for FREE to the Coupon Club. You thought you were going to shell out pretty penny for your spray. Surprise surprise...
If you love perfumes or want to purchase one, visit and check out the cool offers and savings you will make.

Now that advertisement is from an online store which stocks literally thousands of fragrances, has well priced products and offer bargains such as coupons and free shipping.
Yet, do you know of this website?
Maybe you do, mayhap not.
The point is, not everyone knows this is how it works. The competition is extreme and the quality online stores are being consumed by the enterprises and monarchs of the web. Companies with a lesser budget fall to the kingpins of the world. Its true and you see it every day. What most online shoppers don’t know is that the "worthwhile" results for your search do not end at the first or second page. A great percentage of shoppers take one look at a websites Page Rank, sniff and move on. What they are missing is taking the time to see a bit further than the exterior in to what the site has to offer.
Throughout my research I concluded that Perfunique is one of the best online stores to purchase fragrances. You may not find it at the top of a search result, but if you probe a bit deeper you may find it has more to offer than you thought.

I think served a purpose for as long as it could hang on. But women who like upscale items tend to go to the mind sites for the product...all because the atmosphere is luxurious and strokes that need to feel glitzed and pampered!

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