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Top 10 MAC Cosmetics Must Haves.

It is no secret that MAC Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands. I review and feature MAC makeup a lot. MAC makes some of the best makeup products there are. They put out more limited edition products than any other brand that I know of. What is really great is that MAC's product run the gamut - they have products for beginners and pros. I have tried what seems likes hundreds of products (between the different colors and finishes) from MAC over the years and have repurchased quite a few. These are the products that I found are the best of the best from MAC. Here are my top 10 MAC must haves.

Top 10 MAC Must Haves - The MAC makeup products you need in your makeup bag.

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COVERGIRL #instaGLAM Collection Preview + Photos.

Last week, COVERGIRL gave a quick look at their latest commercial starring Katy Perry for their newest collection called #instaGLAM that will be hitting stores in late May and early June. The collection was inspired by the need to look picture picture in an instant and the products both look and sound amazing. I was lucky enough to get some details!

COVERGIRL instaGLAM Collection

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NARS (New) Lip Gloss Reformulation.

You know I love a great lipgloss and NARS Lip Gloss has been one of my favorites. Only NARS could take a great thing and make it even better and that they did with their reformulation of their *new* NARS Lip Gloss. This new Lip Gloss just hit the NARS website and will hit counters May 1st. First I want to tell you about the great new gloss then I'm going to tell you about the great new colors that you are going to want in your makeup bag.

*NEW* NARS Lip Gloss Shades & Reformulation

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Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye.

Laura Mercier is a makeup artist so she knows what a woman wants and needs. She developed her newest product with every woman that she has worked with in mind. From the busy model backstage that is running on very little sleep to the new mom that is running on just as little as well, this new High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye is perfect for everyone. Simply put this concealer helps to conceal under eye circles plus fake a well-rested night of sleep.

Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye: This anti-aging concealer offers high coverage, de-puffs, brightens, lasts all day and goes on smoothly.

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