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Slough Away Summer: Murad Skin Smoothing Polish.

Now that it feels that the summer weather is starting to slowly fade away with the cool nights coming in, it is time to start changing up our skin care just a bit. First thing is first; we need to get rid of the dry rough skin that has built up over the summer. The best way to do that is with a scrub. I have found a great scrub with this newer one from Murad called Skin Smoothing Polish. It not only scrubs away deep into the skin, it does so gently where it doesn't tear the kin. It gets rid of embedded impurities that have built up over the summer and relieves clogged pores. It leaves skin soft, smooth and polished. And that is just the beginning.

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish

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Top 7 Shadow Palettes for Fall.

If there is one item that you want to invest in for the new season that can really make an impact on your look, I think an eyeshadow palette is your best bet. This year, thee are plenty of shadow palettes to choose from. Even mass brands are offering eyeshadow palettes and I have been impressed. Choosing the one perfect eyeshadow palette that can give you a variety of looks that will last you the season (and beyond) can be difficult and that is why I am here. I know which shadow formulations are the best, which colors work for all skin tones, and which palettes are worth the splurge. Of course I have tested a lot eyeshadow palettes and come up with the best of the best. These are the top 7 shadow palettes for fall.

Best eyeshadow palettes for fallBuy Shadow Palettes for Fall at Nordstrom

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CHANEL Collection États Poétiques.

For fall, CHANEL has created a collection that weaves through color like poetry; it is soft yet intense. It is called Collection États Poétiques and it really does play upon the opposites with color - from bright yellows and shocking pinks to the softest shades of golden barely there pink and beige. The collection really does run the spectrum and has something for everyone. I am most excited about the redesigned eyeliner pen that I am really loving (more on that below).

CHANEL Collection États Poétiques Look

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